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2006 will be a good year if we keep getting MP3s from Australia’s Modular Records. Home to a wide range of goodness — from the epic rock trip that is Wolfmother to the Avalanches’ turntable bricolage — Modular is set on opening the world’s ears to Sydney duo The Presets, whose dark, moody (and sometimes sleazy) electro funk gets remixed here by labelmates Cut Copy. Sounds like they dialed up the “Underworld” setting, if there is such a thing. Now, if we could just get Modular to offer up a Cut Copy original, that’d be one more band I could cross off my 2005 wish list.

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  1. is this gay club music? I looked up the website and it seemed pretty gay not sure can listen to dirty gay lyrics if thats what it is. Let me know

  2. The Presets are wicked. Saw them in Australia a couple of years ago (with Cut Copy as it happens) and I haven't seen anything better yet. I can't believe they're still not massive – need to get themselves over to the UK though!

  3. Hello Kai,
    Lyrics for Girl and the Sea – the only Presets lyrics I know of:
    the girl and the sea.
    tonight the
    tonight the hills are watching her
    as she runs towards the sea
    yeah she runs so she be free
    and of all the friends and enemies shes made along the way
    they are no where in her thoughts
    as she dives beneath the waves
    _he's the one that you've seen sometimes on tv
    and his shirt is on the ground
    while he's tackled by police
    and the parcell that he throws across the bridge into the creek
    it'll flow towards the sea
    it will meet with her tommorow
    no place, some time
    we'll clear our eyes
    and when you're down
    i'll come around
    And all the
    places that shes been along the way
    flames are licken at their walls
    night glows with their remains
    far away the animals come gather round to see
    but she knows not how they feel
    and she knows not what it means
    _ when she was young we'd ask her what she'd like to be
    and she'd close her eyes and dream……
    ……now we're no where in her thoughts
    as she dives beneath the waves.
    a place I've found
    could be all ours
    but I've seen where you
    would rather be.

  4. hey i cant find the lyrics to 'are you the one' anywhere and im in love with it !! could some one throw them my way if theyre about? ta!

  5. I don't know if it is gay or not. But if it is, then Kelly Slater, the surf dude, is gay too. Since this song is played in the Quicksilver Surfing video Young Guns II… just a thought

  6. omg i love this band , i dod'nt think u shoudl NOT LISTEN to the music if u like it and its gay who cares music is music ur choice it does'nt mean ur gay

  7. this song is so awesome. it makes me want to dance, and it makes me want to blast it on the bus on the way to school to CALM everybody down!! haha

  8. Hi folks,
    I'm a surfer from Canary Islands, and i've heard this music 1st time at Quicksilver video , watching Kelly Slater ( every surfer knows who is him), and i was impressed listening this relaxing music, i use to hear it to concentrate before ride real big waves. Good music is for people with feelings. Thank you for the lyrics, as i am spanish was being hard for me to understand it all. Xao amigos.

  9. far from gay.
    if the people who think its gay, listen to metal, i have no comment.
    the presets are individually electro and they are AWEEEESOOMMMMME!!!!
    i agree though. need lyrics for are you the one.

  10. Typical critising commercial radio listening sea hunts – only your small minds could describe The Presets' music as gay. The Presets are one of the most inventive elctronic acts in a long time. The original version of Girl and the Sea is a brilliant piece of music. Don't like the Cut Copy remix, though.

  11. the song girl & the sea is the GREATEST song ever, even though this electronic music isnt my taste but the presets are definately NOT GAY…
    does anyone know where i can listen to some of their other songs?

  12. Hmm so the presets are gay huh?..eric i actually might have to kill you tonight.
    Obviously you have no music taste whatsoever. Anyway, even if the Presets were gay(which they are not), who gives a shit, being gay isnt a disease, its not something u can catch and theres nothing wrong with gay people anyway.You you should be shot for being the shitest bloke ever, you are a disgrace to the human race.
    The presets are awesome, some of the best electro i have ever heard

  13. so what if the presets are gay? it doesn't make you gay if you both listen to and enjoy their music.
    i saw them live at the big day out on the gold coast earlier this year and they were f*cking awesome.
    nathan 🙂

  14. Personally, I'm having a tougher time trying to figure out what the heck is being sung in Beat on Beat off. Kim's (?) Austrailian accent is great but it's really tough to understand. Anyone have the lyrics?
    P.S. NOT gay.

  15. dare say this band and cut copy on the remix know alot more about music than the people calling it GAY. the cut copy mix is an electro track that you will hear alot at the moment by remixers like cut copy remixing. imogen heap etc.
    this track is going to be MASSIVE if the likes of tiga are playing it this space. the band will also be big in the UK mark my word

  16. Ha ha ! i laughed alot @ comment about presets being gay.
    narrowminded homophobic creeps, you most definately should be shot
    good comment from Sarah ! absolutely agree
    the presets are amazingly wow. favourite band of all time. need lyrics!!!

  17. The presets=great electro music….
    not gay, and the video of girl and the sea is sooo melancholic.
    The presets rocks!

  18. its actually incredibly homosexual. listen to the words in down down down…
    "i swallow it down for you…"

  19. wow, this song was on The OC last week, and it is great!! thanks for the lyrics… such a great song!!

  20. ok here is (from listening to the song many, many times.. stopping it and going over parts, then taking my iPod and boosting the vocals.) the lyrics for "down down down" if its wrong please dont get all mad because its hard to figure out on the digitally remixed version which is that only one i have…:
    (the Presets :down down down)
    im coming around, im coming around; for her.
    i follow around, i follow around, for her.
    yeah im coming right down, im coming right down,down down down. let me at it cuz…
    i'll swallow it down, i'll swallow it down; for her…
    and ill smile(?) around, ill smile(?) around; for her…
    yeah ill swallow it down, yeah ill swallow it down, down, down, down. forget about it cuz…
    Shes sounds good, turn out the lights, i feel so good, dim out the lights, it take two; the other side, come on savor the world it hides. She sounds good; turn out the lights, i feel so good, do it tonight, it takes two, the other side, come on savor… the world it hides…
    im feeling around, im feeling around; for her…
    and im wandering 'round, im stubling around, the door…
    but i'll follow it down, i'll follow it down, down, down, down…
    forget about it cuz…
    i'll swallow it down, i'll swallow it down; for her…
    and i'll fly it around, and ill fly it around; for her…
    yeah ill swallow it down, ill snuggle it down, down, down, down, forget about it cuz…
    Shes sounds good, turn out the lights, i feel so good, dim out the lights, it take two; the other side, come on savor the world it hides…
    Shes sounds good, turn out the lights, i feel so good, dim out the lights, it take two; the other side, come on savor the world it hides…
    I feel so good…

  21. Thankss Ammie for the lyrics, you're a doll.
    Also! lol@gay. If you think this is gay, you obviously have something to tell everybody.. fgt.

  22. no reeli… is there ANYWHERE where i can get presets lyrics? especially Are You The One? such an awsum song!!! …plus im using it in an assessment study lol
    Thanx, xx

  23. I love the presets. <3<3
    will someone please post lyrics to "kitty in the middle"?
    i would be forever grateful.

  24. (Here are the lyrics for mia's mouse)
    Verse 1:
    Verse 2:
    this is the most creative song ever!

  25. The Presets – Down Down Down
    I'm coming a-round
    I'm coming around for her.
    I follow a-round
    I follow around for her.
    Yeah I'm coming right down
    I'm coming right down down down down.
    Let me at it cuz.
    I'll swallow it down
    I'll swallow it down for her.
    And I'll swear it a-round
    I'll swear it around for her.
    Yeah I'll swallow it down
    I'll turn the lights/sterolise (??)
    down down down down.
    Forget about it cuz.
    Shes not okay
    Turn out the lights
    I feel so good
    Dim(?) out tonight
    It takes two
    The other side
    Come on savor
    Go on and hide
    I'm feeling a-round
    I'm feeling around for her.
    And I'm wandering 'round
    I'm stubling around, the dark.
    But I'll follow it down
    I'll follow it down down down down.
    Forget about it cuz.
    Set it up
    Well pull it down
    No body here
    Were all alone
    Silent Night
    Turn out the lights
    Well now or never
    Ready for love
    The time is now
    Nobody 'round
    I feel somethin
    Turn out tonight
    I'll take you to
    The other side
    Come on savour
    I wanna go down down
    Wanna go down down
    Wanna go
    I'll tear it up
    I'll pull it down
    Come on savour
    Were not alone
    Dead light(??)
    Turn out the lights
    Now or never
    Ready for love
    The time is now
    No one to ask(????)
    I feel someone
    Ready tonight
    I'll take you to
    The other side
    Can't stop this fever
    I wanna go down down
    Wanna go down down
    Wanna go!

  26. i think they are gay, cause on their itunes bio it says they started out playing in gay bars and stuff… but mabe only one of the members is. but still, who cares? there a awesome band, im obsesed with "girl and the sea" and "are you the one?", "down down down" makes me wanna dance, lol, nice attempt on the lyrical decyfering, it sounds about right, i cant tell at the end of some words cause of the electronic change.
    rock on presets, come down to ze central coast some time, i'll be 18 soon and will be able to party down to your rocking beats!

  27. who cares if they are gay whats rong with being gay anyway?
    am a chick and fucking love the presets am so happy my guy introduced them to me

  28. I AM IN LOVE WITH THE PRESETS AT THE MOMENT!! they are the best.. although some of there songs sound a bit scary, but i saw them live in mona vale and they were awesome, such a fun night

  29. Don't know if I'm a fan of the Presets yet, but I am a fan of "Girl and the Sea," both the song and the video. iTunes offered song for free and then I later paid the $2 for the video. Well worth it! Very relaxing and moving. Feel like I am drifting out to sea with the girl as I listen to it. Enjoy!

  30. ( OK presets fans, these lyrics are so hard to find. I sat and listen to the song 5x, and I got these lyrics. They might not be correct so correct the if you will ok!)
    Are You The One?
    I don't know why
    I've got it so bad
    But somehow I got
    Out of a Fry'n pan
    I'm in a new file
    Where at it sooner
    Buried with souls
    I'm back in my head so
    I'm ready to go
    SLippin and slidin
    I'm out of control.
    Tryin to hide my head in a hole.
    There's somthin about you I've gotta know.
    Before we go to far,
    I wanna know…
    I wanna Know…
    I wanna know…
    What I wanna know is
    Are…Are you the One…
    Are you the ONe…
    Are you the One..
    Are You The…
    Me and my girl, hav'in the time o' time of the world
    But I've got a secret
    No one can know.
    If you wanna find out,
    Come to the show.
    We've got the music,
    You got to go!
    Temperatures hot babe,
    It's ready to blow.
    Until she finds out,
    all she knows.
    Something's said out loud.
    in on the wall.
    B4 she goes to far, I wanna know…I wanna know… I wanna know…What I wanna know is.
    Are… Are you the One… Are you the one… Are you the One… Are you the…
    Creepin around,
    cryin darkness,
    Place to be found,
    Leave me behind the
    noise of the crouds.
    Its been a while since you've come around,
    So lets make it worth the-
    lights to the sounds
    Pills to the spills
    drink to the shouts!
    Still tryin to find out what its all about.
    It's just one more thing I've gotta find out.
    Before we go to far…
    What I wanna know.What I wanna know. What I wanna know… What I wanna know is.
    Are… Are you the One… Are you the One… Are you the One.. Are you the one.. Are you the One.. Are you the One… Are you the One… Are you the One.
    Thank you, and e-mail me if I'm wrong. OK! PS: Don't watch this video if your on ecstacy.

  31. oi theyre not gay.
    they were featured in an article in voguegirl last year, and they have girlfriends.
    get your fucking facts right dereks

  32. I just discovered them and I can't get enough. What does their sexual orientation have to do with anything? I agree grow up!

  33. To Jenny,Ty,mez,and definitly to Lady. SOme people don't like Homosexual people. It's not right to make fun of people who are raised to be Homophobes.So I think you all need to grow up for a change.Anyways, the presets are fucking tight gay or not anyway so. Rock on Presets!

  34. i love are you the one? and down down down!!! the presets r farkin' awesome!! i heard em on my friends' myspaces n they rock!!! so yeah…thank u to the people who posted lyrics for DDD and AYTO
    luv, maddie oxoxoxox

    saw them at the Corner in Melbourne.
    Rocked my socks off. Best ever
    If thy're 'gay' I want to be 'gay' with them!

  36. ok Are you the One is like the coolest song and music video is soooo fun 2 watch 🙂 its far from gay and i dont know why anyone would think it was gay. I LOVE THE PRESETS :]

  37. Hey! There…
    Surfing down the web I found this cool site called 'Modular People'… it was here where I discovered 'The presets'… downloaded some samples and and LOVED THEM! I can say that Girl and Sea is a song that makes me want to jump out of my skin when I listen to it… I don't think many people know this band here in CHile (South America for those who don't know where it is) and it's become one of my favorites. 🙂
    PD: I'm gay and I don't think this music is gay… hehe.. but what difference would it make? Anyways, let's not waste more words replying to that STUPIDO commment! 🙂

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