Golomb | Love | 3hive.com

Golomb is a power trio out of Columbus, Ohio. They are a brother-and-sister, husband-and-wife band. A band I meant to write about back in 2022 when they self-released their incredible self-titled album.

Golomb makes great noise, and it’s evident as ever on their new EP Love (out on Friday). Each track slowly builds into a bit of a frenzied end, a fabulous and effective recipe. Especially on middle track “Dare To Cry”.

You can listen to “Take My Life” from the new EP below; it’s the most upfront and in-your-face track on the EP. I love it.

Love is out tomorrow (06/14). You can get it from their Bandcamp page. Please do. Share Golomb with your friends. Add them to your playlists. Play them on your radio shows. Enjoy.