June Mixtape

June 2016 from 3hive on 8tracks Radio.

16 RAD summertime hits!

1. Conveyor – What A Low Heart
2. Sculpture Club – Thieves
3. Time Travelling Toaster – Cosmosoboso
4. The Herbaliser – The Missing Suitcase
5. Leggy – Kick The Habit
6. Night School – Last Disaster
7. LiquidLight – Get Up/Get Around
8. Stefan Weich – Holy Nights
9. Cedar Spring Motel – Waiting (For The Rain)
10. B-17 – Down On The Beach
11. Sweetie – Eyeliner Kid
12. Pure Moods – Blurb
13. Newstalgia – Blake’s Theme
14. Spinach Prince – Frantic Session
15. Maple Stave – Danzig Has All The Fun
16. Odonis Odonis – Needs

Jaga Jazzist

The name suggests a one-person show, a jazzist of the Jaga persuasion, whatever that might be, but in fact, this is a nine piece band from Norway formed 15 years ago by a then 14-year old, Lars Horntveth. The name also implies perhaps a certain musical sound, but unlike say, The Jazz Butcher, Jaga Jazzist is quite jazzy. Jazzy’s the wrong word though because that makes it sound as if the band uses jazz flourishes and this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Jaga Jazzist is jazz. Jazz purists might disagree, but shame on them. Jaga Jazzist explores the boundaries of what jazz is and what jazz can be. More than that, Jaga Jazzist explores the boundaries of what music can be.

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It’s been almost four years since Bonobo (aka Simon Green) dropped a full-length on our ears, so pardon me if I get all giddy on you with this post. Bonobo gets heavy rotation in my mixes and iPod for their timeless, jazzy goodness. Like the right jacket, his music can class up any occasion. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been craving some new material. Two tracks from the forthcoming Black Sands album have been released so far, both featuring sultry guest vocalist Andreya Triana (whose pipes graced Flying Lotus’s Reset EP) and both have me salivating for more. If these two flavors any indication, we’ll see some interesting range from our man come the end of March.

Below you’ll find the video for “The Keeper” and both an album edit and a bumpin’ Warrior One remix of “Eyesdown” for your downloading pleasure.

Speaking of remixes, Bonobo is flipping the remix contest script and offering his remix talents to the song that gets the most votes. Get in on Bonobo’s own version of March Madness at bonobomusic.co.uk/remixcompetition (may the best bot, er…artist, win).

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Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin has always transcended categorizations as a DJ or producer or even DJ/producer. He’s more like a filmmaker who spends so much time perfecting his soundtracks that he never gets around to making the movies. And that’s OK because, wow, those soundtracks are something to hear. Orchestral arrangements mingle with stormy soundscapes, beats without borders prop up artificially intelligent samples, sinister rhythms give way to buoyant melodies. The whole world is Tobin’s canvas, which makes it somewhat unfair to post only one track, the sublime opener to his most recent full-length, Foley Room. But hey, mathematically, one is infinitely more than zero, so take what you can get and let EMusic or another outlet feed the rest of your inevitable Tobin addiction.

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Ghislain Poirier

Trying to keep it Francophone here…Montreal DJ Ghislain Poirier has range. His distinctive rebel beats draw from a range of styles — from Ragga to Detroit techno. (Ghis prefers to call his sound “le gros,” as in the fatness, which I won’t dispute.) He teams up with a wide range of MCs, from dancehall toaster DJ Collage to fellow Quebequois Seba. And he’s been called upon to remix a range of artists from Les Georges Lenningrad to Lady Sovereign to some up-and-comer named Jay Z. While these MP3s are nice tastes his best work can be found on his two albums for Chocolate Industries, a label that unfortunately doesn’t provide freeloads. Don’t let that stop you from having a listen (they’re available on eMusic). He also has an album slated for the fall on Ninja Tune.

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I was raised on Coldcut, or at least raised after my rebirth as a Ninja Tune baby. Cold Krush Cuts, a two-CD set mixed by Coldcut, DJ Food and DJ Krush, pretty much changed my whole perspective on DJs: these guys could rock a block party ’til the break of dawn with a sound just as at home at the Whitney Biennial as on a dancefloor. They’re still doing it, and like true producer-minded DJs they’ve brought in a stellar cast of MCs and collaborators on their upcoming full-length of originals, so give this one with Roots Manuva a spin or two.

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Kid Koala

The first time I saw Kid Koala spin was at the Wetlands in NYC at a Ninja Tune night some years back. He plowed through a crate of novelty records and hip-hop classics with the glee (and haste) of a two year old, mouthing the words to every last cut and leaving a pile of used vinyl on the floor. The first time I saw Kid Koala perform was at the El Rey in Los Angeles a couple years later, when I saw him recreate his turntable masterpiece “Drunk Trumpet” on stage. He used the pitch control slider to extract different notes from a single horn part on a jazz record as our collective jaws hit the floor. “Skanky Panky” is a similar experience, in that it needs to be seen and heard. Fortunately for all who haven’t had the pleasure, you can do just that on his CD/DVD, Live at the Short Attention Span Theater.

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