The Presets

2006 will be a good year if we keep getting MP3s from Australia’s Modular Records. Home to a wide range of goodness — from the epic rock trip that is Wolfmother to the Avalanches’ turntable bricolage — Modular is set on opening the world’s ears to Sydney duo The Presets, whose dark, moody (and sometimes sleazy) electro funk gets remixed here by labelmates Cut Copy. Sounds like they dialed up the “Underworld” setting, if there is such a thing. Now, if we could just get Modular to offer up a Cut Copy original, that’d be one more band I could cross off my 2005 wish list.

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  1. The Presets are fantastic. I totally love Girl and the Sea, it's so beautiful and melancholy… Are you the One rocks too. Go Aussie talent!

  2. I sympathize with Eric, straight guys don't like listening to gay music. I think gay people are kool, but you don't see me watching queer eye for the straight guy. So lets not be Biest and keep it at peace. I'm sure the Presets would want everybody to be at peace so. Bugger off.

  3. Gay music? Straight music? What the hell does that mean? Who gives a shit. Listen to music because you like the music. Don't listen to music because you don't like it. Don't hate against music because you think its 'gay' (whatever that means).

  4. Glenn, as if you don't know what the word gay means, come on man! With music comes morals, everyone has thier own morals, so everyone has thier own music. What do you think about that Glenn, doesn't that make sense?

  5. Any idiot knows that often gay people make the best music . Queen ect . Still struggle to realise im in the 21st century sometimes . I think eric and co need to do some soul searching , and consider the possibility they might be a bit gay themselves .
    oh and Koan , thanks for that , im gonna go and sing some of these "gay" lyrics .
    Peace .

  6. i agree with teagan.
    anyone know the lyrics for cookie.
    p.s. the presets know their shit and spin it likewise.
    i saw them at splendour in the grass this year at byron.
    they fizzed the joint. awesome.

  7. Anyone know the lyrics for WORMS by THE PRESETS? im really interested to know the the hell he is sayin in this song. Any clues???????????

  8. i've just discovered this fantastic group, and i would like to know where i can find more information and lyrics from the presets!!!!!
    i don't know if they have ever been in barcelona, but i expect they will come soon!!!!!

  9. um, eric you fuckwit!
    kim out of the presets is my cousin!!
    and being his family i have met several of his girlfriends! one recently at splendour in VIP. i no he is not gay. and i wouldnt care if he was! he is an awsome guy that you dont even know! dont judge you heartless pric.
    grow up its good music with good lyrics and good skills and beats and groove to it.
    and have you ever heard of metrosexaul.. google it!

  10. The Presets ROCK!!!!!
    I was introduced to them on a first date by some guy…the relationship went for 3 months and the only good thing that came out of it was that first night in Brissy jumping up and down crazed to The Presets.
    Girl and the Sea is my fav song of theirs…it can be BISEXUAL for all I care! It ROCKS MY WORLD!
    I also went to see Presets at splendour where they absolutely moved the heavens and earth for me…I think I pissed some people off jumping round like a loony…
    Plus I met some random sexy blond guy who I danced with the whole time they were on. Then never saw again…
    So thanks for helping me pick up Presets! ๐Ÿ˜›
    and kudos for the rockn beats
    MWA xxo

  11. i saw the presets at creamfields and then again not long ago supporting the rapture, amazing band, not sure about this mix though i was expecting something a little faster maybe

  12. hey, i'm a surfer from buenos aires, so cool to get to a gig with presets and the rapture, where was it menu? btw, u knoe if they are coming to the buenos aires creamfields??
    the preset are great, and i don't think that any kind of music can be gay or not be. i mean.. it's music.

  13. the song "the girl and the sea" pumps me up sooooo much before i paddle out, me and my freinds always listen to it on our surf trips to west coast vancouver island, CANADA yeah thats right, canadians surf too
    presets rock

  14. I need serious help! I've been trying to work out the words to Kitty in the Middle (holy fucking Christ the best song EVER), given i can't find them anywhere on the internet, but i just can't seem to get the first line. Does anyone have any ideas? If you guys could check what i have for the rest of the song that would be great too. Oh yeah, and The Presets rock my socks. Holy crap they're awesome!!! Holy crap!!!
    Kitty in the Middle:
    You (insert line here) and you wanna go, oh
    You little cutie yeah you wanna blow, oh
    I turn to run and everything is slow, mo
    You look good and yeah i wanna phone, home
    You got me thinkin' 'bout the kitty in the middle of it (x2)
    You left me standin' in the middle of, Rome
    A little sob, baby had to go, oh (not totally sure on this one)
    You're lookin' good i wanna let you know, hoh
    I'm just a boy, i've gotta do it so, oh
    You got me thinkin' bout the kitty in the middle of it (x4)

  15. I saw the Presets at Big Day Out 06, started listening to them just be for Beams was out. lol we were watching rage at like 2 in the morning and down down down came on, after just a feel beers it was tripping us out. they just did a set for JTV, check it out, go to JTV Live ( )Presets are the best on the long drive down to Victor Harbour in South Australia.
    Does any have the time to work out Cookie from Let's Go EP, thankz.

  16. if you live in US im sooo jelous…the presets: resets you can get it so please do. To aus fans in QLD get to Round and Round festival in goldie on the 1st DECEMBER Tickets on sale Tomoro, go to…first show back in OZ from touring overseas…can't wait…the presets don't realease their lyrics so just make them up as you go in your own head, dance…feel sexy

  17. I Go Hard, I go home makes me feel like im in a pool of vegemite looking up out of the liquid at elephants dancing with high heels on, oh yes and im wearing bunny ears and thats all…sweet dreams…

  18. The Presets are awesome!!! They are sooo not gay! I saw them the other night and loved them live. Love the entire album!

  19. The presets are so cool!!
    I,m from Juarez City,Mexico & i hope they come to this town!. Girl & The Sea, beautiful song

  20. YO evry1!!!
    ya'll luv presets. so do i.
    i saw them 14th october in manchester academy2. We were on the second standing row from the front,
    they were fucking amazing.
    it was a concert for rapture, but presets were on first.
    they jamed fantastic, still; even though the singer was cocked out of his face.
    anyone know their song lyrics to i go hard, i go home. ????? plzzzzzzzzzzzz im dying to see da lyrics of it, even on concert cudn really figure it owt ๐Ÿ˜›
    >Peace< [pcpâ„¢]

  21. yea man, its real gay…
    keep listening to nickelback/pete murray. after all, those guys arent gay… and chicks REALLY dig that kind of music…….

  22. i would so fuck julian
    I'm in love with the presets, their beat are making me have ..uncasual thoughts. and what about his voice.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ just can't wait to see them..if at least they come to canada.

  23. I just discovered The Presets myself, and having just listened to The Girl and The Sea at some length, I can answer eric with some confidence; yes, it's gay club music.
    And, further, to speak to your subtext, eric, if I might paraphrase, 'I like this song, but I'm afraid that liking it means that I'm gay,' sorry. Yeah, it's gay club music, and liking it means that you're gay, too. Get out of the closet, fag, you're not fooling anybody. Your complimentary Beborn Beton CD set will be arriving in the mail shortly.

  24. I heard 'girl and the sea' on triple J ages ago- it rocks. I'm downloading more right now ('down down down')- hope they're all so good.
    stop attacking eric- his comments are narrow minded. Focus more on lyrics…

  25. Presets are awsome, not gay.
    metro yes, but thats cool ๐Ÿ™‚
    can't believe that there's no lyrics for there songs on the internet.
    best electro music ive ever heard, by far.
    i think for most people caling them gay, have some problems, well groomed guys that take care in how they look, doesnt make them 'gay' also just becuase some of their lyrics might come across as it it doesnt mean they are, what about they guy that sang your beautiful, that video clip was suicidal, why don't you talk about that, or some other shit rather than continuously paying out the presets.
    over && out.

  26. presets were so good at homebake. i agree with most comments so far.
    for anyone who hasnt heard much presets, purchase their album BEAMS, no matter what price it is at your record store, it will be worth it. they are both graduates of the sydney conservatorium of music which explains why they are such brilliant songwriters. go see them any chance you can. the best thing about the presets is that even their lesser known songs are good enough to be on the radio, my personal fav at the moment is Girl (You Chew My Mind Up).
    hope that helped someone.

  27. ALSO I listened to the song and gathered the lyrics I heard. Pretty sure these are accurate ๐Ÿ™‚
    tonight i’ll see you and i’ll know just what to say
    tonight you’ll be there and i’ll know just what to say
    tonight i’ll meet you and i’ll know just what to do
    but then i see you and you split my head in two
    with your pretty little face
    your pretty little eyes
    your pretty little legs
    pretty little smile
    pretty little hips
    your pretty little thighs
    pretty little hips(?)
    your pretty little eyes(?)
    your pretty little…
    one day i’ll see you and i’ll know just what to say
    one day i’ll see you and i’ll know just what to do
    but now i see you and i want to fly away
    yeah now you’re right here and i dont know what to do
    with your pretty little face
    your pretty little eyes
    your pretty little legs
    pretty little smile
    pretty little hips
    your pretty little thighs
    pretty little hips(?)
    your pretty little eyes(?)
    your pretty little legs
    your precious little smile
    your pretty little hips
    your juicy little thighs
    lovely little lips(?)
    pretty little eyes(?)
    your pretty little…
    hey you know, sometimes i go down to the club
    see all the beautiful people dancing all around
    the pretty girls come up to me
    and i dont know what the fuck to do
    with your pretty little face
    your pretty little eyes
    pretty little waist
    your precious little smile
    precious little hips
    your juicy little thighs
    your lovely little tits (?)
    your pretty little eyes
    your pretty little face
    your pretty little eyes
    your tiny little waist
    your precious little smile
    pretty little hips
    your juicy little thighs
    your pretty little hips
    your pretty little eyes
    your pretty little face
    your tiny little waist

  28. PLEASE ANYBODY PLEASE. I NEED….NEED TO KNOW THE I GO HARD I GO HOME LYRICS..seriously..its killing me. im a young child with cancer and it is my dying wish..why dont you make a young girl happy before she goes to that great big party in the sky. okay. not dying. but ive seen them once before..and im seeing them three more times soonish. and i need to know the words- last time…everybody was all singing the words and i was just dancing ..clueless. please people. please. XOX

  29. The Presets are great!
    I saw them live at Homebake, I reallyyy want to see them again, the main reason I'm trying to find a Big Day Out ticket! They were fantastic live. I was on some randoms shoulders for Down Down Down, and I've never had so much fun in my life ay! That's my favourite song.
    I'm so glad that they're Australian, because when they become world wide famous, Australia will have yet another good name for excellent music.
    Love, Britt x

  30. i dig them, thx for the lyrics too, and you all need to read some queer theory or gender theory, some of your preoccupations with fixed sexualities are immature and outdated… long live happy good music like the presets.
    oh and if its ok to be homophobic, shall you beat up a midget and hang a black person while you're at it, then tell a woman to cover herself up or risk rape?

  31. presets are the newest best thing to hit australia, seen them three times in perth and there amazing!! best electro..dirty lyrics band out there!! world, watch out cos australia has some awesome shit coming out!!!

  32. i absolutely adore the presets. saw them a few months ago at the gaelic club in sydney and seeing them again at sydney big day out in two fucking days!
    i know everyone has made comments on the presets being gay, and as far as i know, one member is, but i think a band member's sexual orientation is totally irrelevant if you enjoy their music?!
    it's narrow-minded and pathetic to dismiss a band simply because they are gay.

  33. I saw the presets at Big Day Out on 25 Jan, the last song they played was I Go Hard I Go Home and omg it freaking went off in there, it was so awesome and everyone was having an ace time.
    If you love the music you love it, if you don't then you don't. People like different things, if you don't like it theres no need to trash it, just don't listen to it.

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