robounoishi | milkgazer 2024 |
robounoishi | milkgazer 2024 |

Ten things I know or don’t know about robounoishi:

  1. I don’t know how to pronounce or write the name of the band and WordPress will not code kanji.
  2. They are from Tokyo….. I think.
  3. They are putting out some incredible dream-pop/shoegaze music right now.
  4. Their new album milkgazer 2024 is one of my favorite new releases so far this year.
  5. I do not know or cannot tell if robounoishi is a band or a singular entity or even real.
  6. They are on Twitter @robouno__ishi.
  7. You can and should buy all their music from their Bandcamp page.
  8. You can and should stream all their music on Spotify, however their is one album there that doesn’t look like theirs.
  9. You can stream “black out” and “revival”, my favorite tracks from the album below.
  10. You will enjoy this music if you have a soul.

Double Life

Double Life | Indifferent Stars |
Double Life | Indifferent Stars |

Los Angeles duo Double Life are channeling all the goods from 90’s post-hardcore, including powerful, groove-heavy drums, spacey vocals, chunky bass lines, and fuzzed-out guitar. Their first single and title track, “Indifferent Stars” (below), reminds me of bands like Jawbox and Failure with a bit of “Seven”-era Sunny Day Real Estate-like ferocity.

Double Life’s self-released, 3-song debut EP, Indifferent Stars is, out on January 24. It will leave you wanting for more. Here’s to hoping for more! Enjoy.

Mo Dotti

Mo Dotti | For Anyone And You |
Mo Dotti | For Anyone And You |

L.A.’s Mo Dotti is back with a brand new single, “For Anyone And You”, as a teaser for their upcoming LP release in 2024. The track is an in-your-face shoegaze-pop song slightly reminiscent of the heavier, more upbeat MBV stuff. It’s a rad track and I’m excited for the new album to come.


Flooding | Silhouette Machine |
Flooding | Silhouette Machine |

Flooding is a three-piece band out of Kansas City, Missouri. They are releasing their new album, Silhouette Machine, today (09/29/2023).

Listening to Silhouette Machine is like watching a horror movie, even more so after the initial shock and surprise of album opener “Run”. We know the person running from evil on the big screen is headed for their ultimate demise, and we anticipate the shock of it happening even though we know it’s going to happen, and it’s still thrilling and works every time—it’s a tried and true formula. Silhouette Machine works just like that. Most of the songs have a soothing, almost ethereal beginning, and you know what’s coming. Then they strike and pummel your senses with a brutal onslaught of heavy guitars, drums, and Rose’s incredible shredded vocals. It works every time. I love it.

Check out “Run”, “Muzzle”, and “Transept Exit” below for a little example. As I was told regarding this album “don’t sleep”. Go get it. Silhouette Machine is out on vinyl via The Ghost Is Clear, on cassette via Manor, and digitally via Flooding. Enjoy.

Mango Star

Mango Star | Wasted Daydream |

I’m going to let you in on a little secret (for now, at least). Mango Star are a trio from Detroit. Their self-released debut checks all the boxes. Quirky synths & heavenly harmonies like The Rentals, gauzy atmospherics a la vintage Slowdive, and just a touch of optimism. Hard to believe they aren’t signed to Slumberland (for now, at least – are you reading this, Mike?). Their music is only available in digital form (for now, at least) which you can consume below.

Wasted Daydream is available on their Bandcamp page.

Body of Leaves

Body of Leaves | Hell Nightmare |
Body of Leaves | Hell Nightmare |

Body of Leaves are a 4-piece band out of Salt Lake City. They self-released their debut (I believe) album, Hell Nightmare, back in May. It’s 8 tracks of really well done post-punk-dark-wave goodness delivered through driving/pounding bass and drums, piercing synths and some amazing wall of sound guitar work. It’s really damn good.

I slept on this album WAY too long, but was shown the light last night seeing them open for Sweeping Promises. Don’t repeat my mistake, check out “Follow”, “Disclosure” and “Such a Gift” below. Do it! This is the good stuff.

Hell Nightmare is out now via their Bandcamp page. Enjoy.


Leggy | Dramatica |
Leggy | Dramatica |

First off, I’m a big fan of Leggy. I have enjoyed all their releases so far. I really tried going into their brand new release, Dramatica, as unbiased as I could, trying to convince myself to not just love it because it’s Leggy. About half way through the first track “Take It Back” I was hooked.

The tempo changes, Véronique’s powerful-as-ever vocals, incredible production, songwriting and an indescribable “oomph” throughout Dramatica make this Leggy’s most complex and strongest release yet.

Check out “Take It Back”, “Drama” and “Autumn” below for a taste.

Dramatica is out now and available on Leggy’s Bandcamp page. I highly recommend it. Enjoy.

Teen Angst

Teen Angst | Barn Sour |

Perth Australia band Teen Angst’s latest album Barn Sour features 10 super-endearing, jangle-pop tunes about everyday life (unless I’m over-simplifying), including leaving home, watering the garden and leftovers to name a few.

They describe their sound as “dreamy antisocial pop”, which is a spot-on description and may be the reason why I love this album so much since I struggle in social situations . Check out “Water The Garden”, “Birthdays” and “Home In A Minute” below for a taste of their “antisocial pop” goodness.

Barn Sour is out now digitally and on cassette through Teen Angst’s Bandcamp page. Enjoy.


Astragal | Pure Cashmere |

Houston band Astragal’s debut LP Pure Cashmere came out back in April of ’22 and I am mad at myself for taking 10 months to finally listen to it. Pure Cashmere is solid from start to finish; if you enjoy Brit-pop, jangle-pop, shoegaze and post-punk, you are going to love this album as Astragal blends those genres masterfully together for its nearly 39 minute run time.

Pure Cashmere is out now via Astragal’s Bandcamp page. Go and buy it right now. Think of it as hopefully investing in a potential vinyl release of this album. Enjoy

Air Vent Dweller

Air Vent Dweller | Air Vent Dweller |
Air Vent Dweller | Air Vent Dweller |

SLC’s Air Vent Dweller is the solo project of one Charlie Pell. His new, self-titled EP is 6 tracks of synth-fried, punk rock goodness — kind of like a lo-fi Atom And His Package.

Check out the short and sweet “Fork and Spoon” below, then head to Charlie’s Bandcamp page and buy this EP. DO IT!