Terms of Service

3hive shares music via links to MP3s found on official artist or label websites or legal streaming services such as Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.. We do not intend to infringe copyright. If you represent one of the labels or artists found on 3hive and, for whatever reason, would like us to stop linking to your material contact webmaster (at) 3hive.com.

3hive also accepts solicitation of physical and digital media. By sending us copies of your music, or music by artists you represent, you grant 3hive.com non-exclusive permission to host one MP3s from the recording and/or use an MP3 in a podcast. We post/podcast MP3s strictly for evaluation purposes. It is your responsibility to contact us if you wish to have the MP3 removed from the site.

If you provide 3hive with an email address (yours or someone else’s) to sign up for notifications we will use it only for that purpose.

If you provide 3hive with an email address (yours or someone else’s) to send a page to a friend, it will only be used for that one-time event.

If you provide 3hive with an email address or URL when posting a comment it can be seen by anyone and is out of our hands.

3hive won’t edit your posted comments, but we do reserve the right to delete comments that torch other commenters, use profanity in lieu of making an actual point, shamelessly plug their own interests, or othewise do not contribute to the fun.

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