Fishbone | All We Have Is Now |
Fishbone | All We Have Is Now |

Fishbone the Red Hot almighty legends of ska & alternative rock music are back with a brand new single (the first with Cris Dowd in the band since 1994) “All We Have Is Now”, which comes off the new compilation Bottle Music For Broken People on Fat Mike’s new imprint (under Fat Wreck Chords) Bottles to the Ground.

“All We Have Is Now” was recorded and produced by Fat Mike and Norwood Fisher and is a teaser for a new EP to be released later this year. It implores us to live in the moment, “to take advantage of the gift of the ever present now”. It’s a bouncy track, packed with all the keys and horns you could want from a new Fishbone song, including a classic Angelo sax solo.

Check out the video and stream of the new single below and watch for Fishbone on tour, hopefully somewhere near you, with Les Claypool’s Flying Frog Brigade starting in late March.

The Loved Ones

Sometimes I like to look for songs that include the names of my kids. One of my daughter’s favorites is by Raffi. You know, whatever. I got a hit with The Loved Ones (nice, appropriate), and hey look, they’re even on 3hive! I figured I’d update Sean’s post from ’05 with another free download, “Suture Self,” and let everybody know that a new album’s coming out in February. Rock on.

Suture Self [MP3, 2.8MB, 128kbps]

Sean’s original post: 03/22/05
I know we’re late on this, but if you haven’t done so already, raid the SXSW site for a shload of MP3s (hit the day, then artist links) before they’re pulled. When in Texas, eat like a Texan. So, off to the The Salt Lick for slabs of heaven on earth. After demolishing three rounds of smoked ambrosia, my BBQ buddies dropped me off on Red River Street where I could hear The Loved Ones blasting their brand of stripped down, punk ‘n’ roll for all the world to hear. I scrambled my way up to the front of the stage for their raucous set, fueled by the bottled-up energy of their twenty-seven hour road trip to make the show. Me? I was fueled by brisket. Culinary and musical highlights coming together like magic.

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Strike Anywhere

Twenty-five years after MTV declared the death of radio by airing The Buggles’ video for “Video Killed the Radio Star” Strike Anywhere reiterate the sorry state of radio and pop culture in general, not because they’re trying to build their own corporation however. Just the opposite. They wail out “anthems for a new world disorder” questioning mainstream media, consumer capitalism, war, and politics as usual. Young, pissed, and/or a Nader-supporter? Then you need Strike Anywhere in your life. Maturing punks longing for the anti-establishment strains of first generation punk bands should likewise take note.

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The Soviettes

Frenzied. Snarling. Catchy. Fun. The first four words that describe the Soviettes. Not to be confused wtih the Soviets. The perfect soundtrack for working out at the gym on the Stair Master. Just be careful not to break the thing!

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Western Addiction

Man, I love me some good old-fashioned punk rock. Western Addiction hit the spot. Ask a 14-year-old kid today where to turn for punk rock and you’re liable to get a dose of anything from NOFX to Taking Back Sunday and plenty of stuff in between. Different strokes for different folks. Punk’s never been about one sound anyway. But when I was 14 some of the best punk rock sounded a lot like Western Addiction. And it’s good that that sound has held up for years because every generation deserves their very own Black Flag and Minor Threat.

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I should feel old, like the subject of Lagwagon’s “Falling Apart.” The whole flashback sequence that led to this post was triggered by my pal/former housemate Brent announcing he has a second child on the way — and Brent has always been one of my YOUNGER friends. Yeah, I should feel old. Lagwagon probably should, too, considering the flashback took me to a photo shoot for grid some 10 years ago where Jon dropped them and other bands from the Warped Tour inside a dollhouse using Photoshop magic. (I wish I could find the shot of Angelo Moore dressed up as a maid…Jon?) But Lagwagon’s still making music and I’m still writing about it. So, pass the multi-vitamins and fire up the heating pad…here’s to another 10 years of punk rock and baby makin’!

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The Epoxies

Some of our more avid readers may have noticed we were late in posting our last several entries. We had been experiencing those fabled technical difficulties, but our pro MT man, SeÒor Blurb, set us straight. You can continue to expect quality, free, and legal music from us daily. While Jon was tinkering on 3hive’s back end last night, I was busy pogo-ing to the Epoxies. Now this is Neu-Wave: leave your cooler-than-thou posturing at home and bring on old fashioned, danceable fun.

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Against Me!

Opening with the same explosive chord as the Pixies’ Bossanova, riffing right into a Killing Joke-like hook, and finally settling into Billy Bragg at 78 rpm, this brand of punk rock revolution is, regrettably, rare.

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