The Presets

2006 will be a good year if we keep getting MP3s from Australia’s Modular Records. Home to a wide range of goodness — from the epic rock trip that is Wolfmother to the Avalanches’ turntable bricolage — Modular is set on opening the world’s ears to Sydney duo The Presets, whose dark, moody (and sometimes sleazy) electro funk gets remixed here by labelmates Cut Copy. Sounds like they dialed up the “Underworld” setting, if there is such a thing. Now, if we could just get Modular to offer up a Cut Copy original, that’d be one more band I could cross off my 2005 wish list.

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  1. Yes well, I think the world already knows about The Presets, and they are more well known overseas than they are here in their own home!! They played all the European summer festivals last year, and I got to see them in Europe and America…isn't it always the way-Australian acts have to go overseas to make it big before their own country even acknowledges them…shame, but Australia are the last ones to catch on!

  2. Just a note on the lyrics for Are you the One:
    I don't know why
    I've got it so bad
    But somehow I got
    Out of a Fry'n pan
    *And into the fire*
    That's a well known expression.
    Also in Pretty Little Eyes;
    lips rhymes with tits
    thights rhymes with lie (?)
    pretty little hips
    your juicy little thighs
    lovely little tits
    your pretty little lie

  3. I saw presets in melbourne this weekend and they were super awesome! the whole hour they were on was exhilerating, the coolest hour of my life. I thought their show would be kinda scary, but it wasnt it was exciting and fun, the amount of energy was insane.
    I agree, lets see I Go Hard, I Go Home lyrics,… they finished on that song and it went off!!!

  4. "pretty little hips
    your juicy little thighs
    lovely little tits
    your pretty little lie"
    Ummmm… yeah, that's totally what all my gay friends are talking about… who are you morons who say they're gay? Half their songs are about getting busy with women…
    Not that sexual orientation should have ANYTHING to do with whether you enjoy someone's music!
    But anyway, speaking now to the mature/non-homophobic people
    I saw them in NYC a few months ago and they were AMAZING 🙂
    I am glad to see some Pretty Little Eyes lyrics up here but I thought I heard one line of "perky little tits" towards the end, unless I am just hearing things to be a little extra dirty! 😉

  5. It's absurd to believe that music can be gay or straight. What an inane comment. If anything this music is too "white." It needs a beat and something to liven it up. Or maybe it's too "drug culture" and when you take it out into the sunlight it's too pale and thin to stand up to the UV. Expand your vocabulary and say what you mean. Join the literate generation.

  6. I am the type that would consider this band being gay, but i have a huge taste in a variety of music and i think they're absolutely amazing. Awesome beats.

  7. hey eric i want to clarify something for you and all other fans… i saw kim at club 77 in sydney. he did a mad set then hooked up with some pretty boy..gross so yea hes a fagot..i think that people who listen have a few gay tendancies not sure?

  8. My brother's gay and loves this music. My sister's very straight and loves it. I'm very straight and love it. So the rest of you can just fuck right off, because there is no way it's gay. As for the lyrics to I go hard, i go home… People that say there are no lyrics to this song have obviously never seen them live. They say words which are electronicised. And no i have no idea what those words are. In the middle sections, it's quite clear that their saying, i go hard, i go home, but at a guess the only reason i can figure that out is because it's the title. If you say you don't like this music, i would hazard a guess that you do like it, but are worried people will think you're gay. So i'll just tell you know. Anyone that think this is gay music, is gay.

  9. Really like your sound. I'll be checking you guys out while you're in the states, namely Cincinnati, Ohio.

  10. i'll be seeing the presets tonight and i'm extremely excited. if you can't appreciate them there is something wrong with you.

  11. I can't believe so many people predominately debated on whether or not the Presets are gay. Really what's annoying are the people who say they're "NOT!!!" gay. Reminds me of South Park when Mr. Garrison said gay people's souls are filled with evil. Screw it. I'm bored. No one will read this. If you do, for the love of god, I hope you skipped some of the comments, if you didn't why don't you find a hobby? My hobby is listening to music… "Girl You Chew My Mind Up" and "Down, Down, Down" are my favorites.

  12. Desperate for the I GO HARD I GO HOME… lyrics. Please. If anyone could help, it would be very much appreciated. 🙂

  13. If you download the ascii.disko remix of "I Go Hard, I Go Home", it has most of the un-processed vocals, so you can actually understand what he's saying.

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