Madman Moon

A good friend of mine used to regularly harp on me using the line, “Sean, you don’t know anything about music before 1979.” He was referring to the year XTC released their album Drums & Wires, the first album I ever bought with my hard-earned, paper-route cash. In a way he’s right. I didn’t have older siblings whose album collections I could pilfer from. I started with XTC and moved forward, not looking back much. Admittedly, my ability to reference back to classic ’60s and ’70s rock is lacking. Had I ever gone back and done a bit of homework I’d be able to better situate Madman Moon in that spectrum, because they fit in there somewhere. Shades of Bowie, ELO, and even The Doors come through, but there’s another connection or two in there that I just can’t nail down. Anyone else care to take a stab at it?

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  1. Maybe it is just the new year and a bit too early in the morning…but i sweart i am hearing alot of stereophonics in these guys. great pull…i am enjoying it.

  2. It was definitely too late at night/early in the morning when I posted Madman Moon, so that was a big part of the problem as well! Glad you dig it.

  3. Yeah 70s. "Destination" reminded me of Sparks and Be Bop Deluxe, "Pattern" reminded me of Nilsson.
    Other two reminded me of the more recent IMA ROBOT. Don't hear Buzzcocks though.

  4. Does it help to say that they're named after a song by Genesis? From "Trick of the Tail", right after Peter Gabriel left, but before they abandoned their progressive leanings to embrace top-40 pop.

  5. "Destination" somehow connects to Mott the Hoople and Be Bop Deluxe for me. "Point of Light" definitely reminds me of Be Bop Deluxe.

  6. Ouch. When you hear bands like ELO, Genesis, Mott the Hoople and Roxy Music being suggested, you should know better. There's something about this that's almost acceptable, but, when you listen to it, the influences cited here ring all too appropriate and, sadly, the result is just a little too close to utter shite for comfort.

  7. Let me add, and defend myself further from my accusing/jesting friend (Dave!) that I am familiar with, and know music from, all the bands mentioned above.

  8. If someone had played this for me and asked me who I thought it was, I would have thought it was a Be Bop Deluxe demo from the late seventies.

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