José González

A Swedish import via the Parasol label group, so you know you’re in for a treat, right? Impeccable classical guitar work sets the rhythm for González’ intimate, hushed vocals. He’d fit right in with the current neu-folk folks as well as the regrettably departed parties of Nick Drake and Elliott Smith.

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  1. RE: Tuning he uses
    At a guess either drop D (stay in the shade has a drone sound to it) or the less orthidox: DADGAD. having said that i could be so very very wrong!!!!

  2. i first heard this seeing in the new year, My god this guy has a gift, amazing guitar and brilliant lyrics!!! did this guy have a brother called nick drake?!

  3. I loved this song – and still do – but I almost threw up where I was surfing channels the other day and heard the song, only to discover that it appeared as part of the O.C. soundtrack. Congrats on the exposure, and too bad.

  4. Does anyone know what make of Guitar jose uses . Its obviously a classical spanish guitar by the sound of it but would like to know what make it is.

  5. Dave,
    I’ve seen jose live and can say that he did not change tuning at all through out his set. I don’t know about the make of his guitar but from what I remember he used two pencil condenser mics pointing in wards towards the soundhole about a foot apart

  6. A true artist. Very soft lyrics for intimacy with that speacil someone. Heart Beats truely is an amazeing love song in my opinion for such a young artist.

  7. I saw Jose at Byron Bay in Australia on the weekend. It was definately the highlight of the event. Which is a big call, as Snow Patrol and Mogwai, Sonic Youth and other awesome local acts also put in magnificant performances. His music is beautiful. Yes, I hear Nick Drake and his guitar work reminds me of Elliott.

  8. Hi
    i’ve stumbled accross this thread and can answer a question about his tuning: on heartbeat it’s: D,A,D,F#,B,e, and on ‘hand on your heart’ it’s slightly different, D,A,D,D,A,B. I want to know his guitar make though….

  9. I can answer a question too, or should I say clarify something – He didn't write Heartbeats, that's a cover of a song by The Knife.

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