Cypress Hill

Cypress…Cypress Hill! So massively appealing, like the gangstas you’d take home to meet mom, yet there ain’t no love songs up in here (unless you count “I Love You Mary Jane”). What’s their secret? Those hypnotic DJ Muggs loops don’t hurt, but I think it’s all in B Real’s delivery. His nasal, sing-song flow allows for the possibility that maybe he’s just funnin’…about “comin’ to gat ya,” at least. All I know is, back in college, whenever I dropped “Hand on the Pump” for a party full of mostly white, mostly middle-class, mostly Mormon undergrads, the room went bananas. So yeah, I’ve included just a handful of the 100+ MP3s of remixes, side projects, collabos, and rarities B Real has made available for free on his personal site (now here is something Sony can’t understand…). Bless him. Bless us, every one. (Especially you, Tofu Hut!)

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  1. WORD! to all S.As in the house,OG Hill fan coming at ya,belive in the power of the sen dog!sx10,and the KMK.rap and hardcore,should I say anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIKER

  2. I’ve been listening to Cypress Hill since they first came out in the early 90′. It’s been about 15 years lsince I been listening to their music and I must say their albums are totally hot!! This is one group that will be around for a long time.

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