José González

A Swedish import via the Parasol label group, so you know you’re in for a treat, right? Impeccable classical guitar work sets the rhythm for González’ intimate, hushed vocals. He’d fit right in with the current neu-folk folks as well as the regrettably departed parties of Nick Drake and Elliott Smith.

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What’s the only song better than Wham’s “Last Christmas” on Christmas Day? Fonda’s cover of Wham’s “Last Christmas” on Christmas Day. Like their name suggests, Fonda are a hybrid. (As in Ford + Honda = Fonda; Hord just doesn’t work.) Part British, part American, residing in L.A., Fonda create their own pop: a dash of West Coast dreamy pop, a pinch of British shoegaze, a touch of American indie pop, a morsel of late ’80s British alternapop. And yes, they did the Spy Kids theme.

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