General Elektriks

This gem’s been on the back burner for two years! Ouch. I started a post on General Elektriks back in August of 2005, the year his debut album came out. I remember the label pulled the MP3s, and since we like to play nicely with others, I pulled the review (crying, all the while, on the inside, gettin’ all emo). Since then, Quannum has partnered with a solid digital distributor, ioda promonet, and the goods are back! This is such a great album. French-Brit, and current resident of Berkeley, CA, RV Salters, is General Elektriks, a man with an impressive quiver of vintage keyboards and the playing skills to go along with it. Smooth ‘n’ easy grooves made for lazy summer afternoons. Quantic said it best, “Like the Beatles in a pub brawl with the Neptunes.” And as a bonus, plenty of the Quannum crew make guest appearances on the album. Two-years-old, but packaged with stay-fresh beats. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Looks like General Elektriks will strike again early next year. He’s been busy with his other project Honeycut.

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Northern State

Northern State, while not typical of most bands, does have a typical experience: little band writes some good stuff, tours like crazy, goes big, gets written up in Rolling Stone and Spin and the rest, gets signed to a major label, tours some more, then bolts from said major label and gets back to doing their own thing. These ladies from Long Island have been working with Chuck Brody (Shitake Monkey) and the Beasties’ Adrock on their new album, which has them moving from hip-hop to a more Luscous Jackson-like vibe. New songs can be heard at their myspace site, but check out this oldie with the best ever rhyme from Prynn about her Native American ancestory.

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Lyrics Born

It’s not quite lunchtime here on the West Coast and I’m oh, so ready to belly on up for some comfort food courtesy of El Chavito. Lyrics Born provides similar, comforting nourishment to the ears. Ain’t no need to front. He let’s his skills do the talking. Lyrics Born delivers rhymes all neighborly-like. His vocals have a front-porch, homegrown tone that keep me coming back for more. Just like El Chavito, nothing fancy, just pure flavor (insert El Sombrero if you’re in Lyrics’ neighborhood, or Cancun over on Mission Street ). You can be in the same room as Lyrics Born with his newest release, Overnight Encore: Lyrics Born Live!. It’s Friday people, ease up and get down with Lyrics, his live band and a ton of hot and sweaty Aussies.
*FYI: Lyrics and Cut Chemist are playing tonight in NYC at Webster Hall.

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Remember back on Saturday when I posted Polyphonic the Verbose? Man, those were the days… Anyway, Chicagoland MC Serengeti guests on Polyphonic’s album and I found myself wanting to hear more. And more is what I got this week in the form of an email from Serengeti’s publicist. Get your “rewind” finger ready, if only for the ill shout-outs on “Dennehy” (yes, as in Brian Dennehy). Here’s a taste: “Vacation place: ‘sconsin, sausage: Johnson, chicken: Swanson’s…”

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The Coup

Matt, aka Gigahaw, reminded us of The Coup, the Oaktown rap duo who are best known, unfortunately, for “that album cover.” Boots Riley and DJ Pam the Funktress do wear their politics on their sleeves (even their toned-down cover for Party Music depicts a young player at a bar enjoying a Molotov cocktail). But what they don’t seem to get enough credit for is their ability to move your butt as well as your conscience. So, with their latest, Pick a Bigger Weapon, they have turned up the funk to match the intensity of their message. The intro is even called “Bullets and Love,” which brings me to another first for The Coup… A handful of apocalyptic slow jams that include the best (and possibly longest) song title of this administration: “babylet’shaveababybeforebushdosomethin’crazy” — awwwww yeeeeaaaahh…

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Mr. Lif

Mr. Lif has made a name for himself as a dry-witted, raspy-voiced MC whose favorite topics tend toward the sociopolicical. No change here with his latest solo album, Mo’ Mega, as he rakes the current administration over the coals without flinching. Lif is equally skilled at, though less famous for, is more playful braggadocio as evidenced on his collabo with Cut Chemist. Download both for a “fair and balanced” playlist (just kidding).

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Dr. Octagon

It must have been a sign when I recently found a tape recording of an interview I did with Dr. Octagon (aka Kool Keith) circa Dr. Octagonecologyst. This is the same tape that provided such reliable mix drops as “ain’t nothing smellin’ in jazz” and the Doctor’s bizarre verbal recreation of “greasy” beats. I don’t have downloads of the interview outtakes, but I do have a track from The Return of Dr. Octagon due out later this month. My man’s still at it. Some ‘notherworld production and lyrics to match. He can, to quote Rakim, “take a phrase that’s rarely heard, flip it…now it’s a daily word.” Oh and say kids, who likes remixes? Cause we got ’em, from Her Space Holiday and Cassettes Won’t Listen among others.

P.S. Wonder if we’ll ever hear The Mountain Goats remix Dr. Octagon. Turns out he’s a big fan. Just when I thought I knew everything…

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Cut Chemist

After a dozen years of being a team player for LA hip-hop legends Jurassic 5 and Ozomatli, turntable maestro Cut Chemist is about to follow in the footsteps of his cratedigging buddy, DJ Shadow, and drop his major label solo opus. If these two tastes are any indication, this joint’s gonna have both range and flavor. “The Garden” features deft cuts, lush instrumentation, and lilting Brazilian vocals. “Storm” is classic Chemist: a wicked b-boy playground wherein top-shelf underground MCs Edan and Mr. Lif run amok like schoolkids. In fact, Mr. Lif drops the line our eight-digit 3hiver Sean has been waiting his whole life to hear: “opposable thumbs don’t mean you can get dumb” — WORD! The Audience’s Listening hits June 13 . Meanwhile, fiends like me will have to wear these tracks out and seek the occasional comfort of my Brainfreeze bootleg.

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While trying to track down info on a record that I’m hooked on, Cosiner’s Bittersuites (scant info on this guy), I came across fellow Oaklander, Shing02. The two collaborated on the album 400: Cosiner as producer, Shing02 as MC. Unfortunately, none of those tracks are available as MP3s. What is available is sampling of Shing02’s work across the past several years. Born in Tokyo and raised in Tanzania, England, and Japan, Shing02 ended up in Oakland via Berkeley in the early ’90s immersing himself in its, now world-famous, hip hop scene. Bouncing easily back and forth across the Pacific Ocean, Shing02 is building a steady arsenal of recordings and armies of followers, spreading peace and respect rhyme by rhyme.

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Percee P

The Rhyme Inspector Percee P!! I can’t think of another living rap artist to build such a massive rep on just a handful of solo tracks. Fortunately, he’s always down for a collaboration, such as this percussion-crazy track with Four Tet. He’s also allegedly working on a solo album (produced by Madlib!) due out…well, it was summer of 2005. So the single “Put It on the Line” on Stones Throw on Wax may have to last you a while.

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