Dr. Octagon

It must have been a sign when I recently found a tape recording of an interview I did with Dr. Octagon (aka Kool Keith) circa Dr. Octagonecologyst. This is the same tape that provided such reliable mix drops as “ain’t nothing smellin’ in jazz” and the Doctor’s bizarre verbal recreation of “greasy” beats. I don’t have downloads of the interview outtakes, but I do have a track from The Return of Dr. Octagon due out later this month. My man’s still at it. Some ‘notherworld production and lyrics to match. He can, to quote Rakim, “take a phrase that’s rarely heard, flip it…now it’s a daily word.” Oh and say kids, who likes remixes? Cause we got ’em, from Her Space Holiday and Cassettes Won’t Listen among others.

P.S. Wonder if we’ll ever hear The Mountain Goats remix Dr. Octagon. Turns out he’s a big fan. Just when I thought I knew everything…


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  1. ts, i think this is the url you’re looking for: http://www.returnofdoctoroctagon.com/
    i don’t know which side is up on this controversy… i do know if i’m supporting the wrong album, so is rolling stone, pitchfork, all music guide, and a host of others with more fact-checking resources than we have here at 3hive.

  2. basically allow the politiks and just let the music speak for its self…the return of doctor octagon is sonically the most interesting keith has got since black elvis and if this is such an unoffical release the why did kutmastakurt do a remix of ants…mmmmmm…maybe the haters need to look at them selves and stop watching what evewryone else is doing

  3. All links are down, thereturnofdoctoroctagon site is down, the host worlds-fair is down. 

    Can anyone reupload the HSH, Gray Kid, and Rob Sonic remixes?

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