Lyrics Born

It’s not quite lunchtime here on the West Coast and I’m oh, so ready to belly on up for some comfort food courtesy of El Chavito. Lyrics Born provides similar, comforting nourishment to the ears. Ain’t no need to front. He let’s his skills do the talking. Lyrics Born delivers rhymes all neighborly-like. His vocals have a front-porch, homegrown tone that keep me coming back for more. Just like El Chavito, nothing fancy, just pure flavor (insert El Sombrero if you’re in Lyrics’ neighborhood, or Cancun over on Mission Street ). You can be in the same room as Lyrics Born with his newest release, Overnight Encore: Lyrics Born Live!. It’s Friday people, ease up and get down with Lyrics, his live band and a ton of hot and sweaty Aussies.
*FYI: Lyrics and Cut Chemist are playing tonight in NYC at Webster Hall.

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