Northern State

Northern State, while not typical of most bands, does have a typical experience: little band writes some good stuff, tours like crazy, goes big, gets written up in Rolling Stone and Spin and the rest, gets signed to a major label, tours some more, then bolts from said major label and gets back to doing their own thing. These ladies from Long Island have been working with Chuck Brody (Shitake Monkey) and the Beasties’ Adrock on their new album, which has them moving from hip-hop to a more Luscous Jackson-like vibe. New songs can be heard at their myspace site, but check out this oldie with the best ever rhyme from Prynn about her Native American ancestory.

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  1. I'd heard northern state a while back and own their last album, but I just had the opportunity to catch them at a very intimate show at SXSW. It was really lovely. I very much enjoyed the new songs they did — especially the one they said would be on their new EP coming out in May. I'm super excited to hear the whole album and I was stoked to meet the girls and see their live show.

  2. Love these ladies, but not sure this is a great move for them musically; they just ain’t really singers…hence the greater promise of “Sucka Mofo” vs. “Better Already.”

  3. i saw them when they toured with tegan and sara awhile ago, i got to meet them afterward, not only do they put on a great show, they’re sweet ladies.

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