Remember back on Saturday when I posted Polyphonic the Verbose? Man, those were the days… Anyway, Chicagoland MC Serengeti guests on Polyphonic’s album and I found myself wanting to hear more. And more is what I got this week in the form of an email from Serengeti’s publicist. Get your “rewind” finger ready, if only for the ill shout-outs on “Dennehy” (yes, as in Brian Dennehy). Here’s a taste: “Vacation place: ‘sconsin, sausage: Johnson, chicken: Swanson’s…”

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  1. I felt the same way about Polyphonic, that music really grows on you and I have listened to the two tracks over and over again. They keep getting better.
    I’m not sure yet about Serengeti, but it has a similar insestuous style that I hope will grow on me like Polyphonic.
    Thanks for posting it.

  2. The beats are tight, very head noddable; however, the rappering lacks quality. But hey, at least it’s not generic mainstream rap.

  3. I can't stop playing "Dennehy." Good lord that's funny. Not premier quality rhymes, but he gets top marks for absurdity and concept. Went and bought the album at least.
    He uses this character at least two more times on the album — I like "New Dodge" too, but Dennehy is the most infectious.
    (gotta check Polyphonic now that it's bring brought up)

  4. Yeah. "Dennehey" is a great track. I don't know why, but it makes me smile when I listen to it. And it's even more poignant 'cuz I used to live and eat brats in 'sconsin!

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