December Mixtape

Twelve nut cracking good tracks for your listening pleasure. Thanks to my friend Kris for lighting a fire under my butt. Enjoy.

1. Jets To Brazil – Resistance Is Futile [jade tree]
2. Vanishing Life – Seven Pointed Star [dine alone]
3. Dama Scout – Forget It’s Good [self]
4. No Sun – Erase [don’t look down]
5. BEACHMEN – Deathwish [self]
6. First Base – If I See You With That Girl Again [la-ti-da]
7. JEFF The Brotherhood – Juice [dine alone]
8. Scooterbabe – Sick Spine [jigsaw/perfect attendance]
9. Veronica Falls – Buried Alive [slumberland]
10. Veiny Hands – Tonguing [self]
11. The Jesus And Mary Chain – Fall [major]
12. Violet Nox – Snow King [self]

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