Nom De Guerre

Not only do Nom de Guerre play some wonderful pop music, but they offer perhaps the best band shirts ever offered for sale by a band: tailor-made, double cuff dress shirts designed by the bassist for measley 70 euros! Other offers available for purchase include your name in a song, an entire song about you, and even an entire album about you. If only I were the Russian billionaire with some spare cash whom Nom de Guerre is hoping to court, I’d buy Blackburn Rovers, then buy half the Chelsea squad (and no, not Lampard) and have them warm the Blackburn bench cause that other Russian billionaire must be getting bored by now, and then have Nom de Guerre write albums about each member of my family. But in laying out the required payment, I would insist on the formula of “So Long Sister”: dirty bass, swliring keyboards, and plenty of la la’s and other sing-along harmonies. Oh, and some of those dress shirts. What is the dollar-to-euro exchange rate these days anyway?

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  1. Are you American, Clay?
    ‘Cause though I’m a Man Utd fan, it’s beyond question Lampard is the best Chelsea player by a street! He’s rubbish for England, but at club level, at Chelsea level, he’s untouchable.
    You’ve already had a millionaire at Rovers. He bought you your last title, remember?

  2. Bloody brilliant songs!!!! More of this would defenitely make the world a better place! Keep up the good work lads!

  3. Yeah, see a millionaire is not enough these days. You gotta have a billionaire: Abramovich, Glazer, Lerner, and now Joorabian or whatever his name is.
    And yes, I am American, converted to Blackburn Rovers by a vision from the heavens whilst living in Ireland more than a few years ago. You can read my conversion story here.
    RIP Uncle Jack. Up the Rovers!

  4. Hahahaha, man. The music is great and the $3500 per song deal is just outstanding… too bad I don't have $3500. Either way. this post has single-handedly got me out of my latest existentialist funk, good job 'ol chap!

  5. Lampard is overrated for club as well as country. I say throw him out of the national team and give Gerrard free rein in the middle. And bring back Alan Shearer from retirement. Oh yes, and I really liked Nom de Guerre too.
    Howay the Lads!

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