Kicking Bird

Kicking Bird | Just To Be Here With You |
Kicking Bird | Just To Be Here With You |

We are stoked to bring you the premier of Wilmington, North Carolina quintet Kicking Bird’s latest single “Just To Be Here With You”; a 4 minute dreamy pop track, packed with infectious guitar melodies and vocal harmonies from Shaylah Paul and her husband Shaun Paul.

Kicking Bird’s debut LP Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is out in May via Fort Lowell Records. Enjoy.


FACS | Still Life In Decay |
FACS | Still Life In Decay |

Chicago’s FACS have unleashed their behemoth 5th long player Still Life In Decay upon the world. It’s another bludgeoning of noisy, shredding guitar work, over one of the tightest and heaviest rhythm sections out there. There’s an understated elegance to this album as well (which is quite lovely) as they ease you into said bludgeoning on several tracks, BUT the weight and dominance of Still Life In Decay never falls off.

If you’ve been sleeping on these guys over the years —WAKE UP!

Still Life In Decay is out tomorrow, April 7, via Trouble In Mind Records. It really is an amazing album and has rocketed to the top of my favorites of 2023. Enjoy.


Leggy | Dramatica |
Leggy | Dramatica |

First off, I’m a big fan of Leggy. I have enjoyed all their releases so far. I really tried going into their brand new release, Dramatica, as unbiased as I could, trying to convince myself to not just love it because it’s Leggy. About half way through the first track “Take It Back” I was hooked.

The tempo changes, Véronique’s powerful-as-ever vocals, incredible production, songwriting and an indescribable “oomph” throughout Dramatica make this Leggy’s most complex and strongest release yet.

Check out “Take It Back”, “Drama” and “Autumn” below for a taste.

Dramatica is out now and available on Leggy’s Bandcamp page. I highly recommend it. Enjoy.


Fishbone | All We Have Is Now |
Fishbone | All We Have Is Now |

Fishbone the Red Hot almighty legends of ska & alternative rock music are back with a brand new single (the first with Cris Dowd in the band since 1994) “All We Have Is Now”, which comes off the new compilation Bottle Music For Broken People on Fat Mike’s new imprint (under Fat Wreck Chords) Bottles to the Ground.

“All We Have Is Now” was recorded and produced by Fat Mike and Norwood Fisher and is a teaser for a new EP to be released later this year. It implores us to live in the moment, “to take advantage of the gift of the ever present now”. It’s a bouncy track, packed with all the keys and horns you could want from a new Fishbone song, including a classic Angelo sax solo.

Check out the video and stream of the new single below and watch for Fishbone on tour, hopefully somewhere near you, with Les Claypool’s Flying Frog Brigade starting in late March.


Dancer | Dancer |
Dancer | Dancer |

Dancer is a new band out of Glasgow featuring members of Nightshift, Order of the Toad, Current Affairs and Robert Sotelo. Their sound is a bit of a hybrid, mixing elements of gazy jangle-pop, post-punk and some good old punk rock. Check out “Ferret Fancier and “The Split” below for an example.

Their debut self-titled EP is a very solid effort and well worth your time; it’s available now digitally and on cassette via Gold Mold. If cassettes are your thing you’d better spring into action; they are going fast. Enjoy.

Oozing Wound

Oozing Wound | We Cater To Cowards |

Chicago trio Oozing Wound have been melting faces and shredding ear drums since 2012, and I’m happy to report that nothing has changed over these last 11 years.

Zack Weil’s “David Yow-like” vocals and sharp like a hacksaw blade guitar licks tear their way through the muck and sludge provided by Kevin Cribbin (bass) and Kyle Reynolds (drums) on their latest album We Cater To Cowards.

Speaking of muck and sludge, give “Old Sludge” and “Face Without Eyes” (below) a spin for a taste.

We Cater To Cowards is out now via Thrill Jockey. It’s a smasher. Oozing Wound still brings the heat. Enjoy.

Teen Angst

Teen Angst | Barn Sour |

Perth Australia band Teen Angst’s latest album Barn Sour features 10 super-endearing, jangle-pop tunes about everyday life (unless I’m over-simplifying), including leaving home, watering the garden and leftovers to name a few.

They describe their sound as “dreamy antisocial pop”, which is a spot-on description and may be the reason why I love this album so much since I struggle in social situations . Check out “Water The Garden”, “Birthdays” and “Home In A Minute” below for a taste of their “antisocial pop” goodness.

Barn Sour is out now digitally and on cassette through Teen Angst’s Bandcamp page. Enjoy.



5-piece Baltimore dance-punkers PLRLS are back with a brand new batch of synth-fried punk rock tunes presented to us, their loyal listeners, as Curses.

It’s been 6 years since the release of their last album, Have You Seen My Fancy Pony, and you may be wondering “after all that time do they still have the fire, the bounce, the energy to pull off 11 more zany, pop punk songs?” The answer to that, my friends is a resounding “HELLS YES!!!” Not only does Curses pick up where HYSMFP left off, but it has a sharper (dare I say slightly heavier) edge to it, like these songs have been clawing their way out of the band’s guts since 2017.

Check out “Curses”, “Miscellanea” and “Death To Maria” below for a taste of some killer vocal harmonies, chugging bass lines, razor-sharp guitar licks and more synths than you can shake a stick at.

Curses is out now via Ashtray Monument Records. You need this record in your life; you deserve this record in your life. Enjoy.

Rozi Plain

Rozi Plain | Prize |
Rozi Plain | Prize |

Rozi Plain’s newest album Prize is exactly that — a prize. It’s a chilled-out, hypnotic, pop album full of groove and these little jazzy trumpet and synth nuggets here and there, it’s like every track contains a different…. prize (sorry, I had to do it).

You can spin “Help” and “Blink” (below – it was hard to choose) for a taste.

Prize is out now on Memphis Industries. I know you’re going to love it. Enjoy.