Under Byen

I need to thank David Byrne for tipping me off to Under Byen. And more thanks is overdue to Mr. Byrne for tipping me off years ago to a tasty soup special at Shopsins, back when Kenny & Co. were at their original location (I’m dying to see “I Like Killing Flies,” dying harder actually for a plate of Slutty Cakes and a tall tumbler of their Horchata!). Under Byen is a Danish ensemble, who maneuver orchestrally, and percussively, in the dark end of the pop music spectrum. Beautiful, hushed vocals draw you in and keep you warm in songs which befit the cold, cold landscape of Denmark.

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  1. If I didn't already know Under Byen, and know for myself that they're pretty good, I'd discount your review on the grounds of you being a complete moron.
    Denmark does not have a 'cold, cold landscape.' Denmark is in Scandinavia, but Scandinavia is not a large country up near the North Pole as most of you illiterates think.
    Byrne 'found' them by accidentally going to a gig where they were support. You should open your mind and your eyes.
    Try CarPark North, Saybia, Baby Woodrose, Dune, Lis Er Stil, Racing Ape, Raunchy, Rock Hard Power Spray, Surfact, Voldbeat, Veto and/or Yellowish for starters if you wanna 'discover' something for yourself.
    Oh, and buy an Atlas.

  2. Species, are you that guy who has heard of EVERY band first? I've heard about you. You shouldn't be so bitter, no one else has been blessed with that gift, only you. Maybe you could cut us morons some slack.
    I for one sing the praises of 3hive for turning me on to something new almost everyday of the week.

  3. Species–I think you misunderstand the point here at 3hive. We don't buy into the thinking that any one person or entity "discovers" a band. We're not interested in racing to be "first" or the "coolest." We just like listening to a lot of music and sharing what we do find–regardless of the source.
    I know exactly where Denmark is. Friends of mine have lived there. And anyone's ideas of "cold" depends on their point of reference. Mine's in Los Angeles. It's been hitting 80 here last week.
    Thanks for the band tips. We'll check them out and we'll credit you for their discovery.

  4. I saw them play in NYC a few weeks ago and was expecting so much more. The singer wants to be Bjork, but isn't and that is the problem. Bjork is amazing because she is Bjork. There is something missing from this singer. Musically they are interesting and worth a listen but their live show, complete with custom acid-hit like lighting is underwhelming. Sorry to be the grinch.

  5. Hey Music Lovers,
    don't mean to advertise or anything, but since you've talked about 2 of Morningside Records' acts in here already (Under Byen and Figurines), I just want to point you in our direction once more.
    Those of you who like Under Byen should start by checking out Thunderbear and Jomi Massage. Those of you who are into Figurines, check out I Am Bones and Oceano da Cruz and move on from there.
    Great bands from Dk that I haven't been able to find in here are, Efterklang (.net), Green Concorde (.com), I Got You On Tape (.com), Kirsten Ketsjer and Fjernsyn Fjernsyn (yoyooyoy.dk). Start there.

  6. "The singer wants to be Bjork"
    Odd comment. I mean, just look and listen again.
    Little clue: Introvert vs. extrovert, for starters.
    Then: practically immobile vs. jumping-around.
    And maybe also: electronic vs. acoustic.
    A lazy comparison…

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