All Night Chemists

Len Monachello was the bassist for Thisway, which signed with Reprise in the waning days of the major label indie land-grab of the ‘90s. They released one critically well-received but publicly underexposed album and recorded another that is yet to be released. The same thing happened to Wilco around the same time and on the same label. The name of that album was Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Just saying. Anyway, Monachello has no misconceptions about the business of making music, which could be why he’s so good at the craft side of it. The Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has a mellow, reflective voice that speaks to experience and a way with instrumentation that, as they say, goes easy on the ears. Fans of Elliott Smith, Badly Drawn Boy, Joe Henry and Ron Sexsmith should clear some space on their iPods, as should the rest of you.

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