Hands Down Eugene

Hailing from Nashville, uh Indiana, Hands Down Eugene is yet another of the fine acts featured on Delicious Berries, MusicalFamilyTree.com‘s cool compilation of Hoosier bands. MFT had the entire Hands Down Eugene EP Full Blast available for free download, so here it is. With a rotating cast of musicians and a little weirdness thrown into the pop-rock mix, there’s probably something here for everyone.


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  1. It took me a while to figure out who this band reminded me of and when it came to me I had to ask myself, "really?!" the band that came to mind was the Ployphonic Spree, but only for the harmony laden vocals. It sounds like 20 people are singing in perfect harmony, which in turns make these songs (once you know the lyrics) very, sing-along-able?!?!

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