Jim Noir

I’m not gonna mince words here. Sam sucks. He’s on vacation and the poor fellow couldn’t get a post up before he left. Jim Noir rules. His songs make you feel like you’re on vacation. His latest album, Tower of Love, conjures, through simple melodies, long lazy, barefoot days spent flying kites, sipping and snacking on favorite treats, watching the sun set, and reading out on the porch against evening breezes. Track down the Fatboy Slim remix of his song “Eanie Meany” if you’re more of a party-all-night-on-the-dancefloor vacationer.

Buy on iTunes.

2 Replies to “Jim Noir”

  1. Without sounding too pretentious, I actually know this guy. He's rather modest about his success, but it's nice to see sites that I have in my RSS reading list feature my friends 🙂
    He's not too keen on that Fatboy Slim remix by the way.

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