Some bands are made up of those who fled organized education at the first chance possible, while others are just a bunch of math majors. Canasta has got to be one of the latter. Suggested by Dawntread at the University of Chicago (need I say more?), Canasta taps into a Chi-town vibe with melodic, witty and intelligent chamber-pop. For something upbeat, enjoy “Slow Down Chicago,” and glide along with its tastefully muted horn line. For introspection, “Shadowlands” could have been written by heartbreak kings Ben Folds or Mac McCaughan, but wasn’t.

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  1. Just saw Canasta last night opening for Devotchka in Chicago and they were awesome. A really great suprise when you thin you’re just waiting for Devotchka. I had the pleasure of talking with lead singer Matt Priest for a little bit, and he is one of the nicest guys you could care to meet too. I have a feeling everyone will be hearing more about these guys.

  2. Wow. I love them, and the fact that they're Chicago-related.
    And to the person who song them, and more importantly, Devotchka… I'm jealous.

  3. Ha, another maroon thats a 3hive fan. What class are you in? For the hyde park music scene, mr. hyde records is pretty much the definitive source, plenty of freebees but haven't gotten through a lot of them. I am friends with members of First Coat, who I really consider as a displanted austin band

  4. i can totally see this becoming a pitchfork reccomended band…it is very good and well thought out, not totally new, but extremely impeccably done…and catchy as all get out….yes, i said "as all get out" ^_^

  5. I hope they don't become a Pitchfork band. Those bands get huge fast and then fade faster. Canasta is one of my favorite Chicago bands, and Christy is right – they were great opening for Devotchka (I saw the Madison show and it was so good), and Matt is really nice. I had met him before, once, over 4 months earlier, and he remembered my name and various other things from a 4 month old small-talk session. Great guy, great band!

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