Little did I know in my struggling years as a young(ish) shoegazer back in the early 90s that one day bands would be labelled “post-shoegaze” as a badge of honor. Atlanta’s Snowden have been given that tag, but there’s oh so much more to them than just that. Pop and rock are equal parts, and they use a special technique that my friend Mike G taught me after our band broke up many years ago. I was complaining about the stuff I was doing on my own, and his wise advice was to throw on more reverb and more distortion. The result was fantastic. Snowden have taken that same advice. Their debut album comes out August 22nd, and their EP can be downloaded from their website.

6 Replies to “Snowden”

  1. Wow! I just fell in love. I really love this song, and I’d like to find more of their songs! Thanks for this entry. 🙂

  2. These guys sound promising. I'm surprised they're playing such a small venue in LA. Pleasantly surprised i suppose

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