Derek Fairbridge

My eyes burn. They’re too sensitive. Been staring at my computer too long. Reminds me of the night, years ago, a cop pulled me over on my way home from work. It was late. I had been doing inventory at the record (yes, record) store where I worked. Music Plus. Strolling up to my window the cop took one look at me, at my bloodshot eyes and said, “Son, what have you been smoking?” I told him the truth and nothing but the truth. Had he heard the soundtrack to our record counting adventure I doubt he would have believed me when I told him I hadn’t been smoking anything. The soundtrack was Crashing Dream by Rain Parade. That memory blossomed today thanks to the warm, dusty psychedelic songs of Derek Fairbridge. These could pass as lost songs from Crashing Dreams sessions. I love that about music—its power to unveil the past, offer hope for the future (No Sean, this inventory won’t last forever. Your eyes won’t fall from their sockets). Unfortunately that was Rain Parade’s last album, and seemingly it’s Derek Fairbridge’s only album.

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