The Brand New Heavies

“Michael Ross is the genie, he’s giving our wishes…” At long last, The Brand New Heavies have reunited with N’Dea “The Voice” Davenport and their formal label Delicious Vinyl. The Brand New Heavies have stuck with their funky soul power sound and while they haven’t been in the spotlight as much lately you can hear their influence throughout the R&B world. They’ve supplied the soundtrack to so many fond moments in my life I don’t know where to start. Perhaps I’ll just dedicate their new single, “Right On,” to Matt and Julie’s forthcoming twins. Matt, go on and place those speakers right by the lads in utero and they may just develop a sense of rhythm…

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  1. Consider it done. The upper twin seems quite partial to R&B.
    But I doubt anything we do will give these kids rhythm. That may be a hopeless cause.

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