In trying to decide what to post this morning, I asked Tim O. a few questions. 1) Australian or Canadian? 2) Boy singer or boy & girl singers? 3) “Radiogram” or “Horse Stories”? Radiogram took two of three (boy & girl singers and name, obviously) but I think I’ll post both.

Radiogram’s sound reminds me a bit of Blanche, the first band I ever posted here at Country noir with a lot of texture, from Vancouver this time instead of Detroit — doesn’t it seem like half the bands we’ve posted this year are Canadian? Check out “Summer Song Summer” for an example of Radiogram’s pleasant if not uplifting calm (“My idea of a perfect day / would be to lie in bed and just pass away.”)

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  1. you guys are so rocking my world with the Cdn. Content. CBC radio 3 is my source of music and now with 3 hive i'm getting a balanced diet!

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