Guggenheim Grotto

This is soft music with slight edges. As such, it’s probably some of the most accessible stuff posted on 3hive for people into folk, Iron & Wine and understated strings. These tracks from GG’s A Lifetime in Heat EP are touching tracks that your average Sum41 or Good Charlotte fan will run screaming from. These tracks are perfect for bringing up next time someone says, “they don’t write songs like this anymore”.

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  1. The Guggenheim Grotto are one of my favourite bands of the past few months…been wondering if their stuff would end up here. their album doesnt let down either…as Damien Rice said, A Lifetime in Heat is "A Work Of Genius!"

  2. Thanks for posting this group. NPR featured them as well in March… I hope they don't get hugely popular and turn too pop. I like them as a slightly hidden group, their songs seem private, intimate.

  3. I was looking for some new folk music. This stuff is great. Just bought some more of their songs off iTunes. Thanks!
    Oh, and I headed on over here because Heather was talking about 3Hive in one of her posts the other day. Glad I finally made it over to the site. I'm loving this site as much as I love Dooce!

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