The Situation

With The La’s making a comeback, it might be time for some young lads from this side of the Atlantic to bring back that Manchester feeling in their own Americanized way. The strong bassline, Philadelphia-accented nasally vocals, and infectious rhythm make it clear that The Situation have taken their cue from the flop-topped Brit-pops of the early ’90s. But that’s a good thing when you add a little Philly soul.

POSTSCRIPT: As Oliver astutely pointed out in the comments below, The La’s are actually a product of Liverpool, which geographically is just a short drive from Manchester but psychologically may as well be Athens to Manchester’s Sparta—or vice-versa if you prefer. Anyhow, rest assured of one thing: The Situation is still from Philly, and they still rock it.

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  1. Ohhhh, riiiight, they are from Liverpool. I reckon that's a detail that, if I were in a roomful of Liverpuddlians (?) might get my arse kicked for free. Dang, there goes my whole description.

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