Currently on tour with Sigur Ros, this quartet of Icelandic, multi-instrumental women have their own kind of big. They play on Takk (Sigur Ros’ latest, like you didn’t know) but they drop some serious experimental in their own set. Polyrhythmic, soft and still textured, it’s like the quiet on a sunny Saturday afternoon in autumn, about 4 pm, before the party starts.
The track linked to here is off their 2005 EP AnimaminA.

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Guggenheim Grotto

This is soft music with slight edges. As such, it’s probably some of the most accessible stuff posted on 3hive for people into folk, Iron & Wine and understated strings. These tracks from GG’s A Lifetime in Heat EP are touching tracks that your average Sum41 or Good Charlotte fan will run screaming from. These tracks are perfect for bringing up next time someone says, “they don’t write songs like this anymore”.

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