I thought of this the other night while watching this new show about an A&R guy who leaves his major label and goes indie. No comments about the show itself, but in one scene, his love interest rattles off her Top 5 songs. Dylan, Beatles, Starship, I can’t remember the whole list, but it inspired me to compose my own Top 5 list. One of my Top 5 is Moose’s “I Wanted To See You To See If I Wanted You,” the version on their Liquid Make Up single. I remember everything about the first time I heard Moose. I was in Sean and Jan’s living room in Dublin, Ireland, in March of 1991, throwing things at (and having them thrown back at me by) her daughters Aisling and Niamh. The television was showing some program about up and coming bands and Moose was one of them. I was in love. Somewhat bizarrely, I recall scenes of Moose walking through a park. Although grouped with the shoegazers, Moose really had their own version of pop, combining delicate melodies crafted in some complicated noise.

The rest of my Top 5? Lilys’ “Any Place I’ve Lived”, Acetone’s “Come On”, Spiritualized’s “Run”, and The Stone Roses’ “I Wanna Be Adored.” Anyone wanna share their Top 5?

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  1. what a coincidence…
    i was listening at the xyz yesterday's night
    and remembering them playing at garage in '94
    nothing special except little bird

  2. in no particular order:
    Ratatat – Seventeen Years
    Sufjan Stevens – Casimir Pulaski Day
    E*Vax – Ferraro 11/18
    The Unicorns – Emasculate the Masculine
    Explosions in the Sky – Your Hand in Mine

  3. broken social scene's "blues for uncle gibb." add n to (x)'s "oh yeah, oh no." tristeza's "all countries." third eye blind's "god of wine." !!!'s "dear can."

  4. Moose definitely makes my list:
    Moose – Regulo 7
    AR Kane – Snow Joke
    Love – Alone Again Or
    Rain Parade – I Look Around
    Cardinal – You've Lost Me There

  5. Top 5:
    1.The Raveonettes-Remember
    2.Broken Social Scene-Anthems For A 17-Year-Old Girl
    3.Drakkar Sauna-The Debut of the Tambourine Shoe
    4.Sufjan Stevens-The Predatory Wasp Of The Palisades
    5.Oh Happy Day-The Sister Act 2 Cast (I know, I know. I'm a horrible person.)

  6. 1.Slayer-"Angel of Death"
    2.Aphex Twin-"Ventolin"
    3.Add N To X-"Buckminster Fuller"
    4.Sonic Youth-"Teen Age Riot"
    5.Ride-"leave Them All Behind"

  7. i'm so not hip i can't stand it.
    fall on me–rem
    have you forgotten?–red house painters
    when wil you come home–galaxie 500
    shatter–liz phair
    the length of las ramblas–superchunk
    i miss the '90s.

  8. I have a theory – everyone has a secret top8, but there are 3 songs they are embarrassed to admit to liking.
    Here is my top5/top8. Omit as you feel necessary
    3.Blur-Coffee & TV
    4.JAMC-Head On
    5.Urban Dance Squad-Deeper Shade of Soul
    6.Bill Devaughn-Be thankful (for what you've got)
    7.Janes Addiction-Summertime Rolls
    8.Stone Roses-Sugar Spun Sister

  9. This hurts to have to pick five, but I need the exercise:
    Rattlesnakes – Lloyd Cole & The Commotions
    Still Life in Mobile Homes – Japan
    Los Angeles – X
    In My Room – The Beach Boys
    Stupid Einstein – Three O'Clock
    It's taken me over an hour to put this together and now my head hurts. These come from a very early, impressionable point in my life–each song changed the way I listened to music afterwards. And they're like time capsules of my life, with so many memories tied up within.
    *I reserve the right to make changes to this list at any time.

  10. The show? I guess I don't actually remember everything about my first brush with Moose. My friends had satellite, so it could have been anything, although it was definitely British.
    Secret Top 8, that's hilarious. I'll be keeping my other 3 secret then!

  11. ride's "leave them all behind" is probably in my top 10 too.
    Archers of Loaf – Web in Front
    Chapterhouse – Pearl
    Bowie – Young Americans
    Orbital – Halcyon on and on
    Seam – The Wild Cat

  12. The show is called "Love Monkey"; – a response for Jesse. It stars the dude from Ed. It's somewhat worth watching if your expectations are low.

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