Girls Against Boys

Clay’s Moose post got me thinking, Am I even capable of narrowing down my personal all-time Top 5 songs? I could probably do artists or even albums, but songs for me are more specific to certain people, places, and time. When I stumbled across this stash of genius charmers Girls Against Boys, a flood of memories returned from a hazy, crazy summer when I took a few classes, worked at a CD store, and lived in an extremely well air-conditioned condo with my pals Kent, Matt, and Danger. As I try to recreate the house rotation I specifically recall a conversation Danger and I had about “In Like Flynn” (both the expression and the song from Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby). My fave GVSB tracks would actually come out a year later on Cruise Yourself (see “Kill the Sexplayer”), but I didn’t know that at the time. For the curious, here are my Top 5 Non-GVSB Songs of the Summer of 1994:
Soul Coughing “Down to This,”
Jawbox “Savory,”
Fluf “Sticky Bun,”
Beastie Boys “Sure Shot,”
Ride “Let’s Get Lost.”

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  1. The first time I heard GVSB was riding around in the back of my friend's car in high school. His buddy made a Touch&Go records mix tape, so we all skipped class and drove around smoking. I later saw GSVB on a series of 7inchers called "Jabberjaw." The song was "Magattraction," and I was hooked. Their "House" album came out a little later, and another obsessive Touch & Go fan was born.

  2. If you like GVB, how about a little love for Cop Shoot Cop? They also did the two bass, no guitar setup, with, by my money, more interesting lyrics and better percussion.

  3. hi can you tell me where can i download free mp3 of park avenue and psychofuture by gvsb?
    thanks a lot dudes.
    pls email me.

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