Pas/Cal was my very first post on 3hive back on April 26, 2004. It’s about time they’re getting around to releasing their first LP, I Was Raised on Matthew, Mark, Luka, and Laura. My words then are just as true today: Detroit’s pop ensemble, pure fun with just enough pretentiousness to put one over on the Elephant 6 family.

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I thought of this the other night while watching this new show about an A&R guy who leaves his major label and goes indie. No comments about the show itself, but in one scene, his love interest rattles off her Top 5 songs. Dylan, Beatles, Starship, I can’t remember the whole list, but it inspired me to compose my own Top 5 list. One of my Top 5 is Moose’s “I Wanted To See You To See If I Wanted You,” the version on their Liquid Make Up single. I remember everything about the first time I heard Moose. I was in Sean and Jan’s living room in Dublin, Ireland, in March of 1991, throwing things at (and having them thrown back at me by) her daughters Aisling and Niamh. The television was showing some program about up and coming bands and Moose was one of them. I was in love. Somewhat bizarrely, I recall scenes of Moose walking through a park. Although grouped with the shoegazers, Moose really had their own version of pop, combining delicate melodies crafted in some complicated noise.

The rest of my Top 5? Lilys’ “Any Place I’ve Lived”, Acetone’s “Come On”, Spiritualized’s “Run”, and The Stone Roses’ “I Wanna Be Adored.” Anyone wanna share their Top 5?

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