5 Replies to “3hive Readers’ 2005 Year-End List”

  1. Although I'm happy with most of the two lists up there, I gotta ask… where is Machine Go Boom?!
    Captain Obvious made me dance so hard I fell and hit my face on the hardwood floor in my front foyer. Crazy dancing and socked feet are never a smart combo…

  2. thanks for making them available guys! Sufjan has made for many pleasant drives, and I have clapped my hands and said "yeah!" for the namesake band… 3hive is all I need to be the hippest/happiest kid around!

  3. no lovekevins? sambassadeur? the radio dept? I'm sorely disappointed. these were definitely my favorite 3hive discoveries of 2005.
    people need to realize that (more often than not) the swedes know how to bring the pop.

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