Cassettes Won’t Listen

I just finished posting Forget Cassettes and noticed the next artist in my queue is NYC’s Cassettes Won’t Listen. That’s too much of a coincidence to pass up, so I’m making it a cassette-themed 2-for-1 day at 3hive! Cassettes Won’t Listen couldn’t be more different than Forget Cassettes, except that they’re both good. These cats do sprawling, warm synthy pop epics (some with a beat you can nod your head to). You’d expect the label to read Morr Music — it’s that good — except those fools don’t offer free MP3s (come on, Morr, share a little why don’t you?). Thankfully, CWL’s label Dope Lotus does share. And so do we. Happy Cassette Day!

06/15/06 Update: Cassettes Won’t Listen Busy Cutting Hair & More

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  1. Well, you can now buy 5 of their songs from iTunes, the entire Nobody’s Moving EP. I bought the 3 songs that aren’t offered from Dope Lotus, and they are goooood.

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