I don’t believe we’ve ever tested our readers odd meter. Meaning, how odd do you like your music? What’s your oddness threshold? To some listeners, Deerhoof will sound like Top 40 fodder. Others may find it a bit quirky for their tastes. Deerhoof will make a great gauge. So here’s the test: the following MP3s are listed in order of their palatability. Most palatable, in my opinion, first. Start with “Milk Man” and work your way down, then share with us how far you got in the comments. If all the songs are too odd for your taste, leave a zero; if you get all the way through the songs and are dying to hear more, leave a seven, then get shopping. This much I can tell you, “Milk Man” is gonna make your day. It’s what you’d hear in the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame if it were curated by Willy Wonka.
“Milk Man” hosted by: Puzzling Music Archive

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  1. Ha. Your description is really great. I have to agree but pushing to the bottom of the list is well worth it. Deerhoof may be admittedly weird but they're one of the most vibrant and "alive" bands out there that is actually managing to squeeze some new life out of tired old rock and roll. You gotta love their spirit tand their willingness to explore. It doesn't always work but they usually manage to make me smile with every listen.
    If you DO like "Milkman" which I agree is just about perfect, you may also want to look for "L'Amour Stories". Also, "This Magnificent Bird Will Rise" rocks tremendously. Also "Scream Team" from their newest The Runners Four is in the same vein. This is my current fave Deerhoof track.

  2. You’re right, that sure is some freaky shit. Musically, I think it’s fantastic, under the influence of everything from Beefheart to Tortoise. Sadly, that vocalist is, diplomatically speaking, an acquired taste; less diplomatically, she’s fucking irritating and should shut it, because she’s ruining some very good music. Perhaps it’s the kind of voice that might grow on you, but I doubt it; if you like Bjork, though, you might hear things differently.

  3. I'm gonna go with a 5. Not something I'd listen to in a heavy rotation, but I dig the vibe. Compositionally, I'd say very early Pixies (Come On Pilgrim era). Vocally, very Pizzacato 5. I'm hip to both. So now that I think of it, I think I'll go with a 6 on a palatibility scale of 7. Well done!!

  4. I listened to the first one and stopped. It’s not that it’s too odd for my taste–it’s just not to my taste for reasons that I can’t articulate, but which have nothing to do with its relative oddness.
    Is that helpful?

  5. 7. I have no weirdness threshold. I will listen to anything at anytime. I jump from Acid Mother's Temple to Wolf Parade in a single bound. I listen to The Microphones for a good time.

  6. I have to disagree. I don’t know if Milkman is necessarily more accessible than the other tracks — it certainly isn’t the best of the bunch. I love Deerhoof and think everything they do is fantastically weird, cool and catchy. Brian

  7. all 7. after jello biafra, sonic youth and capt'n jazz, deerhoof is pretty friendly.
    People say they sounds like Faust. But I'v only listen to one faust song, so I can't tell.
    shameless plug (I need critic) If anybody into psych folks, experimental accoustic, go here. I can use some input. (I am a guest blogger, to a french site that I can't even read. but they say they like my taste…. gawd help the french.)

  8. Yeah, all of this is pretty cool. I like Milking better than Milkman. It’s definately different, and different, in this case, is good. I’m at 7 with this…

  9. I actually didn't find it to be too wierd at all. of course, this is coming from the person who has no less than 39 songs from Space Ghost's Musical BBQ on his ipod.

  10. Greets Squashed. That's an interesting-looking (sounding?) link. Had a listen to a couple things, which sounded a bit middle of the road, but there's plenty to explore, and I shall be doing so. Cheer.

  11. All 7. If you don't go over the edge every now and then, how do you know where it is? These tunes are at least as accessible (in some cases, more so) than some of their other stuff. Want even more edgy? See the Deermix page. The Ninja High School remix is pretty fun.

  12. I have been listening to Deerhoof for almost two years now. I love them so much, and when I saw them on your site I got so happy. I’m glad that they are getting some publicitiy.

  13. I saw deerhoof play here in hawaii earlier this year. some interesting stuff, great musical chemistry when they play, the drummer, who is married to the singer Satomi, is very intense when he drums. Satomi seemed a little pretentious to me with her imposed japanese-esque vocal strains smattered over the msuic

  14. I got a four. The music is interesting but the vocals are damn irritating. I don’t really have a weirdness threshhold, my musical taste is just very specific. I’m especially picky about vocals.

  15. “Milkman” isn’t odd at all. That little descending guitar riff reminds me of frickin’ Supertramp! (not that that’s bad; Supertramp is cool…)
    I don’t mind girlfriend’s voice, either.

  16. Listened to all 7. Pretty neat stuff, but the singer sounds like a mix between Bjork, that annoying girl from Piziccato 5 and Julia Child. I'm with the folks that don't really dig her voice.

  17. Actually I think this group is awesome. I don’t know why. Especially “Holy Night Fever”. It’s as if Tom Waits was a high 15 year old girl. I can’t get enough of it!

  18. milkman makes me happy.. I like when people comment on the vocal… It makes me luv the sounds even more,,,, This Band is killer…. Thanks for the sounds…..

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