Forget Cassettes

A swirling, blistering wind blows from down Nashville way… Forget Cassettes toy with a precarious (and ultimately intoxicating) mix of combustible garage rock and precise math rock. As a band, they’re tighter than Jon’s mom’s wig. But what stands out most are Beth Cameron’s agile vocals. Much like the great Polly Harvey — and understand I’m not trying to make a direct comparison here — Cameron’s got character and dynamics to spare. Whether she’s at a whisper or a caterwaul, she’ll suck you in like a tractor beam. Oops, there I go mixing metaphors again. Just listen and figure it out for yourself, okay?

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  1. This is -the- best band I've ever heard with a chick singer. I've only got the two songs that you can download here, but I want more. I figure I probably won't be able to find a CD around here, though. Hmm. But honestly, very original sound. It's good to hear something fresh in all the repetative garbage that there's out right now. Definately worth listening to, even getting a CD. Awesome.

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