The Glass

The Glass take all that’s good from the last decade of indie music and work into their soundscapes the qualities of Memphis, Tennessee: slow, easygoing, polite (to your face), good food, good friends. Like a still day in the summer heat, where Ol’ Man River, the Mighty Mississippi, is as smooth as glass.

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  1. there's another "The Glass" from nyc and they are amazing. look for the song "hear the music". i heard them on the comp "young sound of new york" part 1 or 2 that came out recently

  2. They also work in some of the more unseemly aspects of Memphis: the gritty, slow decay of an old Southern city that has seen better days, sitting on the curb with a bottle of whiskey in hand, under the oppressive, humid heat. In a very good way, of course.
    It is always good to find a really good band from the Motherland.

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