Clem Snide

For a group that has sounded so methodical for so long, this new, Tennessee Waltzy pace is nearly euphoric. Likewise, there’s a sonic sheen to “Fill Me With Your Light” that seems almost…polished. But beneath all of the unassuming hoopla is the same old song: the guys who come across as more down on themselves than anyone else have this strange power to make us feel a whole lot better about ourselves.

7 Replies to “Clem Snide”

  1. I'll always be a fan of Eef's brilliant lyrics, but I'm disappointed with Clem Snide's latest. It feels just a bit too poppy, with much less of their distinctive melancholy country sound. I'd try The Ghost of Fashion or the incredible Your Favorite Music first.

  2. hey stewf – clem snide's latest is a balancedd affair that still has plenty of beautiful meloncholy… what about jew for jesus blues, collapse and made for tv movie, god answers back? these are delightfully heavy songs that still hint at hope. i dare you to open your mind and accept the band and its musical growth. cheers!

  3. Hey poopoo nose – I love that someone who doesn't love the album doesn't love it because they have a closed mind. That's awesome and very open-minded of you. Can you say "irony"?

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