This last week, Tim Scanlin, Actionslacks singer/guitarist, sneaks into my office like Peter Parker pimping photographs to the Daily Bugle. Rock ‘N’ Roll undercover. Not only did his visit remind me to pull out his records, (their latest, Full Upright Position, has woefully flown way below the radar), he also admonished me to dive into the various projects of Craig Finn. Suffice it to say, on and off stage, Tim’s doing his best to ensure you hear “the bands that can save your life.” As for what his band sounds like, Tim said the most interesting comparison he’s heard is Peter Murphy singing for Cheap Trick. Download and decide.

3 Replies to “Actionslacks”

  1. They have this interesting sound, but part of the chorus to “I Hope This Makes it Easier For you” sounds so much like “Learn to Fly” (Foo Fighters)…

  2. I was a fan of these guys years ago, but it seemed they slipped through my fingers into playlist obscurity. It’s great to be reminded of just how good they are.
    Also, I’m pretty sure “I Hope This Makes it Easier For You” predates “Learn to Fly” by quite a margin, but correct me if I’m wrong.

  3. well, after reading the comment about the chorus in “i hope this makes it easier for you”, it does kinda sound like foo fighter’s learn to fly

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