Currently on tour with Sigur Ros, this quartet of Icelandic, multi-instrumental women have their own kind of big. They play on Takk (Sigur Ros’ latest, like you didn’t know) but they drop some serious experimental in their own set. Polyrhythmic, soft and still textured, it’s like the quiet on a sunny Saturday afternoon in autumn, about 4 pm, before the party starts.
The track linked to here is off their 2005 EP AnimaminA.

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  1. Amiina also played on () and has toured with Sigur Rós since Ágætis Byrjun.
    Amazing music. Big is a good word for it.

  2. Hemipode sounds really good. I can easily hear the direct relation to Sigur Ros. Now if only either website worked I could find out more, download more, buy more, but alas. . . 503 on one and poor code that doesn't do anything on the other. Anyone have any other good sites about Amina they can recommend?

  3. Hey guys. Better give you some fresh Icelandic insight on all this.
    I was working on a new website for Amina some months ago but it seems they never got round to publishing it.
    Anyway they've been touring við Sigur Ros, playing the string sections and doing a few songs before they boys come on to play. The girls use all kinds of instumenst, childrens toys and electronics to make there music and it seems, like Mum, it doesn't matter who plays what.
    I might be wrong but I think one of the guys from Sigur Ros is married to one of the Amina girls.

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