The Rosebuds

My inner zen master wants to say of their latest release, Birds Make Good Neighbors, “the delicate sound of falling leaves coupled with the ominous sounds of the approaching winter.”
The realist in me will end this way: Timeless pop from Raleigh, North Carolina. The Rosebuds conjure a rich textural sound and do so in such a way as to evoke Lloyd Cole, The Stone Roses, Grant Lee Buffalo and a tiny dash of Rufus Wainwright. This husband and wife duo are definitely worth a listen.

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Explosions in the Sky

We were watching Friday Night Lights and digging on the soundtrack. I was all, “This sounds like Mogwai” and Heather was all “Yeah” and I’m all “But Mogwai in a football movie?” and Heather’s all “Yeah.” Then we froze the credits and had to pick up our jaws from the floor. It wasn’t Mogwai. It was Explosions in the Sky, from Austin, Texas. These two tracks pack a big wallop. Kind of like Texas. Almost sweet at first, once the build hits you, it’s like senior year all over again.

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