robounoishi | milkgazer 2024 |

Ten things I know or don’t know about robounoishi:

  1. I don’t know how to pronounce or write the name of the band and WordPress will not code kanji.
  2. They are from Tokyo….. I think.
  3. They are putting out some incredible dream-pop/shoegaze music right now.
  4. Their new album milkgazer 2024 is one of my favorite new releases so far this year.
  5. I do not know or cannot tell if robounoishi is a band or a singular entity or even real.
  6. They are on Twitter @robouno__ishi.
  7. You can and should buy all their music from their Bandcamp page.
  8. You can and should stream all their music on Spotify, however their is one album there that doesn’t look like theirs.
  9. You can stream “black out” and “revival”, my favorite tracks from the album below.
  10. You will enjoy this music if you have a soul.