La Luz

Lo-fi + surf guitar + 4 part harmonies + a bit of fuzz = Seattle’s La Luz. After putting out a single and an EP, La Luz have released their debut LP, It’s Alive on Hardly Art. Have a listen to the super cool “Big Big Blood” and “Pink Slime” below, they are sure to warm your bones during the upcoming winter months. It’s Alive is available now on Hardly Art’s site.

On a sad note, La Luz were just in a really bad accident, here is what Hardly Art has to say about it… “While on their way back to Seattle to play a sold out Neumos date, the members of La Luz were in a severe van accident that resulted in ruined gear, personal injuries, merch loss, and a totaled van. For anyone interested in making a donation to help the band get back on their feet, please click here or use the donation button below.”

Buy their new LP, you won’t regret it. If you can, send a little money their way, I’m sure they can use all the help they can get.

La Luz – Big Big Blood from It’s Alive (2013)

La Luz – Pink Slime from It’s Alive (2013)

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