Peoples Temple

It’s probably obvious from most of my posts this year that I have been smitten by the resurgence of 60’s style garage and psych rock. Michigan’s own Peoples Temple (or The Peoples Temple) are no exception. Sounding like they traveled through time to the 21st century after wrapping up a summer tour in 1967 with Love. Peoples Temple recently released their second full length album, More For The Masses, with Hozac Records. We have two songs for your listening pleasure below, “Looter’s Game” and “Loose (Fire)”, both from their new album and both killer examples of their psyched out sound. Get comfortable and give these songs a listen. Enjoy.

Peoples Temple – Looters Game from More For The Masses (2012)

Peoples Temple – Loose (Fire) from More For The Masses (2012)

Peoples Temple


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