Cuckoo Chaos

There isn’t much out there about Cuckoo Chaos other than they’re a five piece band from San Diego. They have posted a list of all the things they are, too many to name here, on their band page on Lefse Records’ site. What I can tell you from listening to the song “Just Ride It”, from their just released debut album Woman, they play super-tight pop/rock music. The song, and album as a whole, reminds me of Vampire Weekend, minus the Paul Simon influences. I hope I don’t get killed for that comparison. The song is full of muted and jangly guitars, combined with a nice bass groove and just enough keys, the song really takes you for a ride, and when it ends your ready to get back on and ride it again. Give this track a go, you will like it I promise.

Cuckoo Chaos – Just Ride It from Woman (2011)

Lefse Records

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  1. I feel like you labeled their sound right on spot. Great job! This band is pretty interesting and thank you for exposing them more. This blog post was really good. Maybe add a little bit more information about the band. Tour dates? This is a band I would like to see.

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