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Spring showed up and left in a matter of a few days. Anyone who lives or has lived in Utah knows that the weather here changes at a moments notice, and as we had a beautiful clear day yesterday, today is gray and wet. This change in the weather will not get me down though, I have found Pearly Gate Music.

The band is Zach Tillman and, according to Barsuk, “he records and usually plays live with a stylistic variety of full-band options”. The folk music he creates is warm and sunny, just like the weather we had in Utah yesterday. The song “Bad Nostalgia” sounds like it could have been recorded at a religious revival. The songs below are perfect for any summer mixtape, but also excellent for the rainy days when there is nothing better to do than lay around the house and listen to music. Enjoy.

Pearly Gate Music – Big Escape

Pearly Gate Music – Bad Nostalgia

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  1. I live in Utah as well and I totally know what you mean by the weather, and you are right, this music is perfect for the unpredictable Utah weather.

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