The Slew

Leave it to Kid Koala to roust me from my blogging negligence…well, Koala and friends. DJ extraordinaire Kid Koala and indie hip-hop producer Dynomite D had been working on the score to a documentary D’s cousin Jay Rowlands was making about an obscure ’70s psych rock band called The Slew. Known mostly among obsessive record collectors, who pay as much as $1000 for a copy of the band’s only album, Dust Collector, of which there are only 50 copies in existence. The documentary got shelved as enigmatic frontman (didn’t you just know there was an “enigmatic frontman” in this story?) Jack Slew backed out. Koala and D already had already remixed and retooled a lot of The Slew’s material. When Chris Ross and Myles Heskett, the former rhythm section of Wolfmother, heard the tracks, they offered to help perform the tracks live so the music could be heard by more ears. So this fall, they’re taking their show (reportedly involving six turntables) on the road, which is the only place where you can get this soundtrack-to-a-non-existent-movie-featuring-remixes-of-tracks-you’ve-probably-never-heard-before-by-a-band-you’ve-probably-never-heard-of-before, simply titled 100%.
Check Kid Koala’s site for tour dates. (Looks like the closest it’s coming to the Motor City is Chicago…or the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa).